Born Died Released


Paul Porcasi
Edward Dillon
Emma Reed
Tom Dugan
Barney Hellum
Valentina Zimina
Lillian Rich
Geraldine D'Vorak
Margaret Nearing
Carole Landis
Anya Taranda
Matthew Beard
Helen Westcott
Frank Lester Ward
Carolyn Lee
William Blaisdell
Richard Powell
Winston Doty
Weston Doty
John George
Brooks Benedict
Charles K. Gerrard
Arthur Pierson
Joe Geil
Patsy May
Try, Try Again
Playin' Hookey

Jane Blyler
Tiny Ward
Roy Brooks
Sybil Seeley
William Haines
Allen Mathews
Leon Highby
Richard Belfield
Georges Renavent
Edna Reynolds
Alan Hale Jr.
Edith Fortier
Willie Runs The Park
Anything Once!
Readin' And Writin'

Eddie Gribbon
Howard Truesdale
ZaSu Pitts
John Loder
Anna May Wong
Portia Lanning
Kenner G. Kemp
Betty Furness
Dorothy Morrison
Sunshine Hart
Ford West
Rex Lease
Carol Holloway
A Punch In The Nose
Helping Grandma

Helen Gilmore
Victor Adamson
Sterling Holloway
Robert Parrish
Kate Price
Flora Finch
Chai Hong
Leonard Kibrick
Dorothy Granger
Red Hot Hottentots
Wages Of Tin
The Rat's Knuckles
Night Owls
The Pinch Singer

Anna Townsend
C.L. Sherwood
Jack Ackroyd
Leo Willis
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones
George Magrill
Eddie Tamblyn
Blanca Vischer
Lillian Rich
Nell Craig
Billy Bletcher
Lonesome Luke Leans To The Literary
Do You Love Your Wife?
Going Ga-Ga
Mama's Little Pirate
Tit For Tat

Ludovico Tomarchio
Dorothy Appleby
Harold Waldridge
Tom Fadden
Ruth Hiatt
Tom Brown
Loretta Young
Annabelle Magness
Guy Henry
David Leland
Charles DeBriac
Jack Gavin
Slim Summerville
Beth Darlington
Si Jenks
Noel Madison
Douglas Greer
The Tip
Two Wagons-Both Covered
At First Sight
Rhapsody In Brew

Norma Nichols
Alice Dahl
Ivadell Carter
Richard Brasno
Terry Moore
Bill Wolfe
Robert Barrat
Charles C. Wilson
Fred Kohler Jr.
Sarah Edwards
Luke's Lost Liberty
Dig Up
Watch Your Wife
Pass The Gravy

Jim Farley
Sandy Roth
Ruth Langston
Stanley Prager
Eddie Clayton
Fred Jackman Jr.
Baby Alice Raetz
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard
Barry Downing
Don Brodie
Anthony Warde
Marjorie Kane
Lose No Time

Barbara Leonard
Harry Burns
Frank Rice
Leila McIntyre
Leroy Shield
Arthur Lake
Georgette Rhodes
The Morning After
Many Scrappy Returns
Reunion In Rhythm
Road Show

Betty Healy
Peggy Shannon
Claudia Dell
Joe Twerp
Billy Aber
Sonny Bupp
William McCall
Emerson Treacy
Edward Fielding
Good Cheer
Between Meals

Josephine Crowell
Sydney Jarvis
George Zucco
Lloyd French
Murray Alper
Billy Lord
Veda Ann Borg
George Weidler
Janet Burston
Charles King
Mary Jane Carey
Jannie Hoskins
Dolores Brinkman
Why Go Home
The Big Town
The Head Guy

Charles Bimbo
Roy Clements
Monte Vandergrift
Jane Novak
Patsy Kelly
Gladys Blake
Jean Aulbach
Frank Daniels
Cy Slocum
Charles Irwin
Freddie Chapman
Norman Kerry
Luke Lugs Luggage
Wanted $5000
Election Day
Topper Takes A Trip

Gus Alexander
Jackie 'Husky' Hanes
Ralph Hodges
Donald Proffitt
Billy Gray
Jack McHugh
Christine Maple
Lew Davis
Seessel Anne Johnson
Wilton Graff
Arthur Space
Norman Salling
Etta McDaniel
Jean Porter
The Movie Dummy
Tire Trouble
The Big Idea
Oliver The Eighth

Alfred Fisher
Thurlow Bergen
Maurice Black
Hal Roach
Bebe Daniels
William Bendix
James 'Darling' Hall
Mary Ann Jackson
Norman Salling
Orrin Burke
Harry Mann
Marie Blake
Audfrey Carol
Scheemer Skinny's Schemes
Paste And Paper
Bring 'Em Back A Wife

August Tollaire
Charley Rogers
Tom Ricketts
Claude King
Gladys Gale
Henri Cote
Dorothy Morgan
Ray De Ravenne
Eddie Craven
Charles Flickinger
C.L. Sherwood
Lillian Elliott
Adrian Blackwell
Should Tall Men Marry?

Lottie Alter
Harry Bernard
Harold Switzer
Bobby Burns
John Davidson
Kermit Maynard
Max Elloy
Barbara Woodell
Burglars Bold
Bring Home The Turkey

Charles K. Gerrard
David Torrence
Oscar Apfel
Anne Cornwall
Hazel Howell
Jack 'Tiny' Lipson
Catherine Bennett
Knox Manning
Carol Hughes
Charles Meakin
Doodles Weaver
Donna Jean Edmondsond
What's The World Coming To
Don't Butt In!
Blood And Thunder

Charles Grider
Harrison Greene
Nina Speight
Oliver Hardy
Cary Grant
Chick Chandler
Lilian Bond
Freddie Chapman
Joan Grey
Charles Bilkey
Irene De Voss
Maurice Black
Curley Howard
Albert Conti
Bert Wheeler
Stanley Prager
Walter Wills
Claire James
Snooky Valentine
Slippery Slickers
Hello Baby!
Life Hesitates At 40

Fritz Schade
Rose Plumer
Charles Trowbridge
Lyle Tayo
Sue Moore
Helen Lynd
Marjorie Daw
Harry Lowe Jr.
Lloyd Hamilton
Allan Cavan
Marshall Ruth
George Sorel
Frank Reicher
Harry 'Snub' Pollard
Don Beddoe
Norma Varden
Lonesome Luke Lolls In Luxury
Love's Young Scream
Ruby Lips
Anniversary Trouble

Rolfe Sedan
Norma Varden
Matthew Boulton
John George
Godfrey Craig
The Big Idea
Tom Ricketts
Eddie Parker
The Bar-Fly

James A. Marcus
Hank Bell
William Gillespie
James Fitzgerald
Otis Harlan
Carl Switzer
Al St. John
Ed Brandenburg
Polly Ann Young
Luke's Busy Day
Mr. Hyppo
All For Nothing
Asleep In The Feet

Orpha Alba
Matt McHugh
Bill Ulmer
Rebel Randall
Frances Bowling
E. Alyn Warren
Alan Hale
Jobyna Ralston
Duke Kahanamoku
Iris Meredith
Irma Harrison
Loose Change
Call The Witness

Richard Daniels
Franklin Pangborn
David Newell
Betty Cox
Bob Steele
Mickey Tanner
David Voorhees
Bert Young
Whirl O' The West

Jerry Maren
Bull Montana
John Rand
John J. (Jack) Richardson
Duke York
Larry Fine
Kay McCoy
Suzet Maïs
Charley My Boy!

May Milloy
Oscar Larson
Jack Cooper
Carlotta Monti
Spencer Charters
Polly Moran
David Newell
Ava Gardner
Lilian Bond
Olive Brasno
Buck Black
The Dippy Dentist
Laugh That Off
Shivering Shakespeare
An All-American Toothache

Alfred J. Goulding
Frank Mills
Charles Lane
Viola Richard
Dorothy Neumann
Crete Carton
Bert Moorhouse
Westcott Clarke
Paul Toien
Edward G. Robinson
William Forrest
Ethelreda Leopold
Dickie DeNeut
Martha Tanner
Going! Going! Gone!
Treasure Blues

Ernie Alexander
Verle Vacher
Joyce Compton
Norman Budd
Fanny Kelly
Billy Evans
Richard Daniels
Robert F. McGowan
Norman Willis
Jack Kenney
Carl Busch
Help One Another
One Of The Family
The Cracked Ice Man

Mary Boland
George Lynn
Joan Meredith
Mickey Bennett
Marjorie Deane
Drama's Dreadful Deal
The Champeen!
Don't Say Die
Leave 'Em Laughing
Fish Hooky

Barney Oldfield
Albert Conti
Churchill Ross
Don Brookins
Victor Mature
John Wood
Louis Jean Heydt
Alan Ladd
Ludwig Stössel
Jack Stoney
Jimmy Durante
Years To Come

Wilfred Lucas
Whitford Kane
Ted Stroback
Roberta McGowan
Tommy Hicks
Stanley Logan
Lionel Belmore
Lou Lubin
Manuel Granada
Roy Brooks
James Gubitosi
Pete The Pedal Polisher
Close-Cropped Clippings
Beyond His Fondest Hopes
Pinning It On
Should Men Walk Home?
The Tabasco Kid

William J. O'Brien
Charles Irwin
Carey Loftin
Hal Berg
Suzet Maïs
Steve Murphy
Florence Bates
Luke, The Candy Cut-Up
Long Pants
Soft Pedal