Born Died Released


Grover Ligon
Kewpie Morgan
Clark Gable
Julia Brown
Peggy Eames
Marilyn Bourne
Bonita Granville
Hedda Hopper
Buster Keaton
Winifred 'Sugar' Hall
Lillian Porter
Oscar Rudolph
All Lit Up
Fighting Fluid
The Real McCoy

Noah Young
Connie Gilchrist
Brian Aherne
Nancy Dover
David Sharpe
Betsy Gay
Caroline Rankin
Bob Burns
Anna May Wong
Boris Karloff
Dick Nelson
Jimmy Boudwin
Hustling For Health
A Pair Of Tights
Okay Toots!
Of Mice And Men

Pat Harmon
Jim Mason
Geneva Mitchell
Eddie Hall
Jackie Morrow
Frederick 'Honey' Hall
Dick Sutherland
Eddie Boland
George Dunning
Charles Bimbo
Pierre Watkin
Michael Mark
Betty Danko
Jane Novak
Caroll Borland
The Lamb
The Cowboy Sheik
Just A Minute

Gus Leonard
Milla Davenport
Aggie Herring
Jack Herrick
Eddie Foy, Jr.
Virginia Gilbert
Rosa Gore
Margaret Mann
Hank Bell
Eddie Baker
Ouida Wildman
Luke's Trolley Troubles
A Tough Winter
Once Over
Dumb Daddies
Fallen Arches

Julia Griffith
George Marks
Grace Madden
Vernon Dent
Irving Bacon
Lillian Smeltzer
Jay Eaton
Nora Hayden
Romaine Callender
Blow 'Em Up

Dot Farley
Jay Wilsey
Carl Barbesgaard
Ben Corbett
Brooks Benedict
George Tyne
Edgar Norton
Retta Palmer
C. Montague Shaw
Beal Wong
Janet Dawn
Elmo Billings
Shirley Jean Rickert
Oh, Promise Me
Are Brunettes Safe?

Joe Devlin
Fred DeSilva
George Barrows
Dick Smith
Ottola Nesmith
Your Husband's Past
Be Big!
Thundering Tenors

Silas D. Wilcox
Lon Poff
George Siegmann
Charles Ruggles
Betty Field
Flayette Roberts
Cliff Clark
Vincent Graeff
Constantine Romanoff
His Royal Slyness
Getting His Goat
Circus Fever
Divot Diggers

Howard C. Hickman
Dan Maxwell
Edwin Maxwell
Larry Semon
Peggy Wood
Gino Corrado
Bartine Burkett
Clarence Howerton
Eric Mayne
Mabel Paige
Glen Cavender
Budd Fine
Vera Ralston
Ask Father
Noisy Noises
The Fixer Uppers

Olin Howland
Edna Reynolds
Alan Hale
Jimmy Durante
Lon Chaney Jr.
Tommy Bupp
Gilbert Hullet
Villie Latimer
Frank Brownlee
Herbert Evans
Matthew Boulton
Brian Aherne
Pat Gleason
Thomas Menzies
Hello Teacher
Big Business
Powder And Smoke!
Babes In The Goods
Glove Taps

Rex Lease
Anita Garvin
Max Baer
Bobby Callahan
Silas D. Wilcox
Jackie White
Skinny's Love Tangle
Scheemer Skinny's Scandal
Jailed And Bailed
Rainy Days

Ludwig Stössel
Billy Wayne
Robert Winkler
Sidney Toler
John T. Murray
Stage Struck
Flying Elephants
Canned Fishing

Kate Price
Edna Renze
George Givot
Bill Farnum
Mae Marsh
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones
Arthur Thalasso
Eddie Bartell
Phyllis Holt
James Ford
Jack Gardner
Open Another Bottle
Seeing The World
Free Eats
Love Pains

Larry Steers
Jack Benny
Ray Corrigan
Stuart Erwin
Trudy Marshall
Molly Thompson
Lincoln Plumer
Marjorie Whiteis
Alex Finlayson
William J. O'Brien
Charles Judels
May Cloy
Bonnie Bannon
Joe Levine
Buried Treasure
Pay The Cashier
Love Business
The Bohemian Girl

Bud Jamison
Bud Geary
William Janney
Jack Hanlon
Harry Todd
W.L. Adams
Larry Steers
Philip Van Zandt
Antonio Moreno
Henry Kleinbach (Brandon)
Elyse Knox
Waltz Me Around
Change The Needle
The Family Entrance

Mack Swain
F.F. Guenste
Lillian Terry
Gilbert Pratt
Vernon Dent
Edgar Bergen
Hugh Beaumont
Fred DeSilva
Harry Bayfield
Donald King
Lois Wilde
Lassie Lou Ahern
Luke Foils The Villain
Toto's Troubles
Off To Buffalo
A Chump At Oxford

Kate Bruce
George Melford
Tenen Holtz
Romaine Callender
Fred L. Guiol
Mary Brian
Arthur Hunnicutt
James Millican
Larry Harris
George Marshall
William Gargan
Hal K. Dawson
Verree Teasdale
Hit Him Again
Postage Due
The Man Pays
Mixed Nuts

Adolphe Menjou
John Dilson
Paul Weigel
Chester Clute
Garry Owen
Agelo Rossitto
Winston Doty
Weston Doty
David Polonsky
Paralee Coleman
Irving Gump
Lonesome Luke, Lawyer
The Cobbler
A Loose Tight Wad
The Family Group
Wreckety Wrecks

Carl Stockdale
Lynne Overman
Sam Lufkin
Edward Gargan
Tom Wilson
Ralph Dunn
Eddie Hall
Ben Parsons
Rich Man, Poor Man
The Valley Of Hell

Roy Byron
Florence Gilbert
Annie Carter
Ben Corday
Donald Haines
Thurston Hall
Phyllis Daniels
Prince Pistachio
Why Girls Say No
Brooklyn Orchid

Harry Freehand
Charlie 'Blackie' King
Ham Kinsey
Jack Hatfield
Gene Stone
Marie Mosquini
Hal K. Dawson
Wandering Papas
Chickens Come Home

Ben Corday
Eitenne Girardot
Robert Young
Mabel Normand
Maybelle Beringer
Bud Geary
Eddie Phillips
Matt McHugh
Daphne Pollard
Joan Woodbury
Raise The Rent
The Fox Hunt
The Fighting Parson
The Count Takes The Count

Mildred Davis
Victor Kendall
Bobby Heck
Gene Marsh
Eric Wilton
Carlena Beard
Fuzzy Knight
Phillip Terry
On The Fire
Wrong Again
Beginner's Luck

Maidena Armstrong
Marjorie Mann
Lillian Porter
Irma Harrison
Jackie Williams
Cheryl Hopper
Roman Bohnen
Arthur Millett
Julian Rivero
Virginia Bruce
Gloria Browne
Bruce Bennett
One Night Only
Beat It
Political Pull
A Perfect Lady

Carroll Borland
Dickie Jones
David Freeman
Hayes Robertson
Joy Lane
Luke Wins Ye Ladye Faire
The Big Show
Tight Shoes
The Finishing Touch
Twice Two

Enrique Acosta
Tiny Sandford
Tommy Mack
Dub Taylor
Billy Mindy
Marlene Kinghorn
Paul Everton
Carl Harbaugh
Minerva Urecal
Laura Roessing
Down And Out
The Smile Wins

Almeda Fowler
Edward Brophy
Ian Keith
Reginald Gardiner
Dick Rich
Joan Bennett
Floyd Fisher
Jimmy Farren
Michael Visaroff
Paul Hurst
Carol Andrews
Oscar Morgan
Willie Best
Florence Gilbert
Anne Ayars
Jerry McGowan
His Best Girl
One Hour Married

Philip Sleeman
Ferdinand Gottschalk
David Thursby
Julie Carter
Bill David
Clem Wilenchick
William Sundholm
Willie 'Rochester' Anderson
Joan Blake
Ruby Keeler
Mama Behave
The Only Son
High Gear

Alice Davenport
Tim Davis
Josef Swickard
Find The Girl
Pan Handlers