Born Died Released


Wallace Beery
Lucien Callamand
Jack Chefe
Teddy Jefferson
Franz Hug
Leon Janney
Peter Miles
Eddie Conrad
May Beatty
Constance Purdy
Skinny's False Alarm
Skinny's Ship-Wrecked Sand-Witch
Safety Last!
Where Am I?
Get Your Man
Taxi Barons

Joseph W. Girard
Charles McAvoy
Marjorie Whiteis
Oscar Rudolph
Elaine Shepard
Katherine Grant
Otto Himm
Kate Bruce
Allan Murnane
Chester Clute
Charles Dorety
Betty Furness
Ivadell Carter
The Anvil Chorus

B.F. Flinn
Leona Anderson
Harry Earles
Marvin Hatley
Al Hallett
Joe Cunningham
Tom Herbert
Eddie Clayton
Louis V. Arco
Anne Grey
Peggy Eames
David Polonsky
The Love Lesson
Forgotten Sweeties
Hearts Are Thumps

Margaret Mann
Raye Hampton
Esther Howard
Agnes Ayres
Curtis McHenry
Gay Seabrook
Frances Langford
Gene Reynolds
Billy Diamond
Jason Robards Sr.
Byron Foulger
Bill Ulmer
André Randall
Madeline Hurlock
Elizabeth Wilbur
Barbara Pierce
Anthony Caruso
Speed To Spare
Dog Shy
Laughing Gravy
At Sea Ashore

Ben Taggart
Al Forbes
Marion Aye
Ray Cooke
Grady Sutton
Jack Davis
Rae-Nell Laskey
Inez Courtney
Neil Jackson
Dale Belding
The Love Bug
When The Wind Blows

Jed Prouty
Adia Kuznetzoff
Gertrude Short
Nancy Drexel
Jimmy Robinson
William P. Carleton
Sherry Hall
Dorothy Layton
Mickey Rooney
A Sammy In Siberia
Seein' Things
Friend Husband
Wiggle Your Ears
Southern Exposure

Bert Wheeler
Anthony Caruso
Bobby Mallon
Mabel Ballard
Theda Bara
Victor Wong
Charles Amador
Bobby Somers
Evelyn Finley
Estelle Etterre
Follow The Crowd
Barnum & Ringling, Inc.
Next Week-End

James May
Rosemary Theby
Yola d'Avril
Polly Chase
Peggy O'Neill
Helen Guthrie
Arthur Housman
Fred Malatesta
Richard Neill
Boys To Board
The Smile Wins
The Bargain Of The Century

Owen Evans
Sharon Lynn
Alma Bennett
Frank Fenton
Ella McKenzie
Spec O'Donnell
Buster Brodie
Sol M. Wurtzel
El Brendel
James Bush
Jump Your Job

Val Paul
Andy Samuel
Dorian Johnston
Pat West
John Ince
Roy Crane
Walter Soderling
Leo Willis
Sue Moore
Marga Ann Deighton
Harry Strang
Marjorie Main
Mark Daniels
Rush Orders
Love My Dog

Frank O'Connor
Hayes Robertson
Adolph Milar
Bee Monson
Bettymae Crane
Beverly Crane
Allan Randall
Charlotte Henry
Buddy Bowles
Roger Morris
Shoot On Sight
Ukulele Sheiks
The Old War Horse
Love Fever
Second Childhood

Alice Belcher
Dorothea Wolbert
Arthur Mackey
Mickey McGuire
Peggy O'Neill
James Gleason
Alice Howell
Jeanie Roberts
Robert Parrish
Annette De Kirby
Luke's Double
Bad Boy
Are Husbands Human?

Walter Soderling
Christian Rub
Diosa Costello
Bobby Dean
James Donnelly
Just Dropped In
Brothers Under The Chin
Our Little Nell
Thin Twins

George B. French
John Hubbard
Joyce Coad
Edward Soo Hoo
Douglas Wakefield
Christian Rub
Earle Hodgins
Mark Jones
Harold Switzer
Minna Gombell
Fredric March
Tom Fadden
Ellen Corby
Addie McPhail
Pipe The Whiskers
Limousine Love
Apples To You!
For Pete's Sake!

Harry C. Bradley
James C. Jeffries
Florence Bates
Gale Henry
Richard Smith
Robert Smith
Joe Levine
Patsy Northrup
Hugh Binyon
Wallace Beery
Kathleen Howard
Max Asher
Jack Cooper
Edward Hearn
Rina De Liguoro
Nicolas Amato
Ernestine Wade
Bettymae Crane
William Bakewell
Lonesome Luke On Tin Can Alley
Good Riddance
The Kid From Borneo

Fay Holderness
Herbert Evans
Charlie Chaplin
Bertha Kennepohl
Fifi D'Orsay
Ena Gregory
William Benedict
Charles Halton
Stand Pat
The Music Box
You're Telling Me
Way Out West
Came The Brawn
Taxi, Mister

Otto Lederer
Ernest Wood
James Fitzgerald
Louis Jean Heydt
Arthur Lake
Ben Parsons
Templar Saxe
Louise Fazenda
Margaret Seddon
Kathryn Stanley
Douglas Short
Kenneth Wilson
Slipping Wives
About Face

Frank Leigh
Robert Milasch
Floyd Baker
Fred Malatesta
Bill Cody Jr.
Noah Young
Patsy O'Byrne
Glenn Tryon
Gay Seabrook
Betty Compson
William H. O'Brien
Frances Rafferty
Don't Weaken
Madame Mystery
On The Wrong Trek

Pat West
R.E. 'Tex' Madsen
Mae Busch
Robert Bentley
Ellen Burford
George Davis
Dorothy Cassil
Murlin Powers
Jean Aulbach
Just Nuts
Black Hand Blues
All Teed Up

Walter Lundin
Harold Lloyd
Libby Taylor
Bruce Cabot
Dick Wessel
Daisy Bufford
Margo Woode
Billy Quirk
Charles McAvoy
Dick Wessel
Robert Armstrong
David Thursby
Tony Kales
Crack Your Heels
Hit The High Spots
One At A Time
Big Business
The Misses Stooge

Arthur Millett
Charles Lémontier
O'Reese Corporal
William Frambes
Rex Downing
Edumnd Lowe
Joe Sawyer
Ruth Hiatt
Anna Mae Bilson
It's A Wild Life
You're Darn Tootin'
Mrs. Barnacle Bill

Mary Russell
Patsy Anne Thompson
James Blyler
Raye Hampton
Charles Middleton
Vera Reynolds
Virginia Clark
Pete Troncale
Speed The Swede
Me And My Pal

George Renavent
Crete Carton
Harvey Parry
Suzanna Kim
Claire James
Betty Ann Muir
Stanley Fields
William Orlamond
Robert Finlayson
James Flavin
Frederick Peters
Ella McKenzie
Paulette Goddard
Full O' Pep
In Walked Charley
Nobody's Baby

Lillian Elliott
Charles Sullivan
Ray Mayer
Jack Shea
Trina Morris
Carolyn Chaney
Fred C. Newmeyer
Bubbling Over
No Man's Law
Rushin' Ballet

Dolores Johnson
Clarine Seymour
Malcolm Waite
Pietro Sosso
George Melford
Alfred J. Goulding
Geraldine D'Vorak
Cracked Wedding Bells
Baby Clothes
Rough Seas

Ethel Griffies
Edgar Kennedy
Guinn Williams
Dorothy Dwan
Dick Nelson
Frank Opperman
Roy Stewart
Tammany Young
Gretta Gould
Madison S. Lacey
Bessie Love
Alberta Vaughn
Them Was The Happy Days
Hold My Baby!
Big Red Ridinghood
Below Zero
One Million B.C.

Blackie Whiteford
Florence Depew
Cap Somers
Kitty Kelly
Gerald Pierce
Henry Hanna
Hobart Cavanaugh
Ring Up The Curtain
High Brow Stuff
Get Busy
The Unkissed Man
Teacher's Beau
The Four-Star Boarder

Eric Mayne
Sidney Toler
Lionel Barrymore
Bryant Washburn
Marjorie Kane
Gertrude Messinger
Jimmy Boudwin
B.F. Flinn
Burr McIntosh
Cheryl Hopper
Rory Calhoun
Jimmy Rogers
Charles Hagar
His Busy Day
Hey There

Warner Hutsing
Wilbur Hartzell
George Sidney
Billy Gilbert
Jack O'Brien
Jack Dishman
California Or Bust!
The Noon Whistle
His Silent Racket

Dick Elliott
Hooper Atchley
Carol Holloway
Joe Yule
Noel Madison
Roger McGee
Bryant Washburn
Eddie Kane
Kill The Nerve
Strictly Unreliable