Born Died Released


Wilson Benge
DeWitt Jennings
Al Thompson
Carter De Haven Jr.
Steve Carruthers
Luke And The Rural Roughnecks
The Haunted Honeymoon
Plain And Fancy Girls
The First Seven Years

Laura La Varnie
Lona Andre
Tyler Brooke
Harry Semels
Eric Blore
Elmer Raguse
Edith Craig
Anne Cornwall
Yola d'Avril
Hoot Mon!
The Cake Eater
Hard Knocks
When Money Comes
Sing Sister Sing

Olaf Hytten
Edmund Lowe
Pat Lane
George Miller
Donald Novis
Jean Harlow
Charlotte Henry
Dave Monahan
Georgie Billings
Verna Dillon
James J. Jeffries
Rose Plumer
Bert LeBaron
Agnes Steele
Lou Costello
Grover Ligon
Connie Gilchrist
Janet Burston
A Gasoline Wedding
Came The Dawn

Wallace Howe
Robert Emmett Keane
Violet MacMillan
Irene Tyner
Roy Byron
Gladys McConnell
Clara Dray
Carey Loftin
Before The Public
Do Your Stuff
Maids A La Mode
Merrily We Live

Walter Long
John Aasen
Charles Amador
Symona Boniface
Gladys Leslie
George Meeker
Aileen Carlyle
George Crosby
Fred Walburn
Will Walling
Mischa Auer
Winnie Lightner
Andy Samuel
Pardon Me
Any Old Port!
The Knockout
Bear Facts
Fall In

Nella Walker
Harry Naughton
Jack Egan
Lou Costello
Carol Tevis
Anne Grey
Jack Murphy
Monty O'Grady
Jackie Levine
Bobby Anderson
William Courtright
Louise Emmons
Margaret Dumont
Max Rosenbloom
Alice Renze
Peggy Howard
Kenneth Harlan
Paint And Powder
A One Mama Man

Edgar Sherrod
Virginia Pearson
Gloria Greer
Phillip Terry
Buddy Moore
Martha Tanner
August Tollaire
Winna Browne
Edgar Sedgwick
Tom Dugan
Ferris Taylor
Ben Blue
Priscilla Lyon
George Tyne
Tim Davis
Your Husband's Past
Be Big!
Thundering Tenors

Louise Beavers
Lillian Smeltzer
Pat Flaherty
Alan Hale Jr.
Charles Coleman
Esther Howard
Harold Lloyd
George Stevens
Monty O'Grady
Dog Days
Whispering Whoopee

Bobby Vernon
Joe Bordeaux
Peggy Ahern
Charles Dudley
Otto Lederer
Anya Taranda
Alvin Buckelew
I'm On My Way
The Buccaneers
Love's Reward
The Holy Terror
Poker At Eight

William Courtright
Stuart Holmes
Baldwin Cooke
Edward Norris
Bobby Crockett
Frank Lester Ward
Geneva Mitchell
Irene Tyner
Geneva Mitchell
June Marlowe
Jackie Levine
Jimmy Sommerville
Nancy Dover
Look Pleasant, Please
Edison, Marconi & Co.
The Caretaker's Daughter

Harry Schultz
Evelyn Finley
Shemp Howard
Tom Seidel
Mary Lou Harrington
Irvin S. Cobb
Olaf Hytten
Dick Rush
Richard Kipling
Joe Forte
Skinny Routs A Robber
Shoot Straight
Galloping Ghosts
Forgotten Babies

Gene Morgan
Billy Lee
Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas
Lyda Roberti
William Ruhl
Tony Campanaro
Julie Carter
Luigi Tosi
The Bow Wows
The Nickel Nurser

Henry Roquemore
Christian J. Frank
Fern Carter
W.L. Adams
Paul Fix
Bob Kortman
Anne Brown
Make It Snappy
Ten Years Old
Dudes Are Pretty People

Eva Thatcher
Mary Carr
Leota Lorraine
Pat Gleason
Robert Hoover
Georgia Jean LaRue
Hugh Sheridan
Morris Grace
Marjorie Campbell
Charles Giblyn
Harry Dunkinson
Agostino Borgato
Merta Sterling
Edith Kramer
John S. Daggett
O'Reese Corporal
Gordon Evans
Haunted Spooks
Flat Broke
Dizzy Daddies
Hired And Fired
The Lucky Corner

Frank Holliday
Michael Mark
Verree Teasdale
Bernadene Hayes
Constance Bergen
Mary Jane Carey
Margaret Roach
Frederick Carpenter
Jack Lindquist
Ralph Platz
Floyd 'Silver Tip' Baker
Carl Stockdale
Joseph Metzger
Suzy Delair
Luke Pipes The Pippins
Should Husbands Be Watched?
Here Comes Trouble
Who Killed Doc Robbin?

Florence Roberts
Charles Halton
Frank Jaquet
Marion Byron
Leyland Hodgson
Nina Speight
June Collyer
Bebe Daniels
Look Out Below!
Zeb vs. Paprika
Love's Detour
Loud Soup

Oscar Morgan
Jay Eaton
Gerald Rogers
Jimmy Grier
Don Dillaway
Nena Quartero
Jules Mendel
Ruth Robinson
Dorothy Dwan
Helen Westcott
Toto In Fare Please
Here Come The Girls
Aching Youth
Four Parts

George Sidney
Frank Darien
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Frank Moran
Irving Mitchell
Lilyan Irene
Ben Hall
Lucile Browne
Dorothy Dugan
Philip MacMahon
Brownie Brownell
Oscar Smith
Barbara Bates
Alphonse Martell
Peggy Wood
Marjorie Daw
Jackie Salling
Lonesome Luke's Lively Life
A Pleasant Journey
For Safe Keeping
Nature In The Wrong

Edward Fielding
Betty Compson
Beth Darlington
Jannie Hoskins
Carlena Beard
Budd Ross
Frank Melton
Lee Phelps
High Tide
Red Noses

George L. Marion
Frank Hagney
Gaylord Lloyd
Johnnie Mae Beard
Lavonne Battle
Patsy May
Grace Hayle
Running Wild
Duck Soup

Willa Pearl Curtis
Martin Wolfkeil
Peggy Stratford
James Ford
Oscar Apfel
Thomas Pogue
Blackie Whiteford
Jacquie Lyn
Cut The Cards
Monkey Business
The Pip From Pittsburgh
Topper Returns

William Royle
Fern Emmett
James Westerfield
Walter Taylor
Virginia Grey
Lincoln Steadman
Nella Walker
Lillian DeBorba
Addison Richards
Kane Richmond
Toby Wing
Excuse My Glove

C. Montague Shaw
Joan Crawford
Barney Carr
Emma Tansey
Val Paul
The Dutiful Dub
Hunters Bold
Don't Forget
That's My Wife

Charles Clary
Joseph Granby
Charlotte Mineau
Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle
Syd Saylor
George Sorel
Venice Lloyd
Charles Clary
Bobby Dunn
Mickey McGuire
Sam Adams
Renee Whitney
Let's Go
From Soup To Nuts

Carrie Daumery
Spencer Charters
Allan Cavan
Ferris Taylor
El Brendel
Vivian Edwards
Phillip Reed
Kenneth McMillan
Jackie Condon
Virginia De Luce
Shirley Jean Rickert
Don Sandstrom
Alan Mowbray
Martha Sleeper
Gloria Blondell
Tui Bow
Philip MacMahon
Skinny Gets A Goat
Bowled Over

Joe Hazleton
Jenny Lee
Gabe Saienz
Chuck Stubbs
Maria Ayres
Bobby Ray
Beatrice Curtis
Patricia Ellis
Tommy Hicks
Walter Abel
Peggy Stratford
Hot Off The Press
Three Men In A Tub

Ford West
Mariska Aldrich
David Clyde
Alphonse Martell
Ruth Warren
Mary Treen
Virginia Whiting
Beverly Lloyd
Philbrook Lyons
Adele Watson
Gus Leonard
John Lester Johnson
Fellow Romans
Honorable Mr. Buggs

James Horne Jr.
Dorothy DeBorba
F.F. Guenste
Richard Brasno
The Dinner Hour
Wife Tamers
Little Daddy
Vamp Till Ready

Billy Quirk
Warner Baxter
Neil Jackson
Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins
Dick Rich
Hal Roach Jr.
Maynard Laswell
Buddy Moore
Shirley Palmer
Robert Lentz
Lonesome Luke, Circus King
A Sailor Papa
Is Marriage The Bunk?
The Big Kick

Joe Yule
Jack Cheatham
Selmer Jackson
David Sharpe
Sunnie O'Dea
Matt Willis
Next Aisle Over
The King Of Wild Horses
Big Moments From Little Pictures
The 'Fraidy Cat
Why Is A Plumber?
The Tin Man

Kathrin Clare Ward
Bob Davis
Eddie Dunn
Eddie Quillan
Carmencita Johnson
Don Alvarado
Blanche Mehaffey
Beatrice Blinn
Frederick Carpenter
Bunny Bronson
On The Jump
Blow By Blow
Soup And Fish