Born Died Released


Janet Dawn
John Dilson
Sammy Blum
Garry Owen
Monte Collins
Malcom St. Clair
Russell Hicks
Josephine Whittell
Tex Driscoll
Mary Kornman
Jack Mulhall
Ruthelma Stevens
Anita Sharp-Bolster
Leon Belasco
Larry Harris
Back To The Woods
Cradle Robbers
Before Taking
Berth Marks
Little Mother
Sprucin' Up

Will Walling
E. Alyn Warren
Ethel Broadhurst
Yolande Donlan
Payne Johnson
Janet Comerford
Jean Hersholt
Lya Lys
Cullen Johnson
Dorothy DeBorba
Dorothy Morgan
The City Slicker
Crazy House
Music In Your Hair

Walter James
Eleanor Fredericks
Eddie Acuff
Paulette Goddard
Ellen Corby
Barbara Rogers
Jeanie Roberts
Iris Meredith
Rene Beard
George Lessey
Gerald Fielding
Billy Finnegan
Tom Brown
Lucien Prival
Ruth Brady
Betty Bolen
Back Stage
Under Two Jags
Arabian Tights

May Beatty
Richard Tucker
Russell Hicks
Margaret Bert
Lane Chandler
Jimmy Grier
Lucien Littlefield
Ruth Cherrington
Stephen McNally
Clifford Severn
Punch The Clock
Good Morning Judge
The Old Bull

Jerry Mandy
Herb Vigran
Marjorie Woodworth
Elmer Ballard
Allen Mathews
Larry Kert
Luke Laughs Last
Blue Sunday (The Killjoys)

Charles Inslee
J. Farrell MacDonald
Ida Schumacher
Tyler Brooke
Walter Abel
Amber Norman
Doris Merrick
Gloria Greer
Patrick Kelly
Sydney Jarvis
Florence Roberts
Virginia Pearson
Edgar Sherrod
Guinn Williams
Jack Haley
Alice Cooke
Johnny Downs
Bobby Anderson
You're Pinched
He Forgot To Remember
Let's Do Things

Dave Morris
Dorothy Coburn
Dan Ellen Mabry
Jean Harlow
ZaSu Pitts
What Price Goofy?
Riders Of The Kitchen Range

Harry Clifton
George Lessey
Félix Oudart
Henry Kleinbach
Sheila Ryan
Laura June Williams
Jack Murphy
Ralph Hodges
Pistols For Breakfast
Rupert Of Hee Haw
Handle 'Em Rough
Madame Q

Clarence Geldart
Louise Carver
George F. French
Sic 'Em Towser

Cliff Clark
Sammy Brooks
Hattie McDaniel
Frederick Ko Vert
Lew Kelly
Vivienne Osborne
Matt Briggs
Frank Butler
Elizabeth Forrester
Della Lind
The Watch Dog
The Rummy

Ralph Morgan
Ethel Clayton
John Wayne
Roger Terry
Strictly Modern
The Non-Skid Kid
The Pooch

William Austin
Grace Goodall
Jack Lloyd
Stanley Logan
Ben Welden
Billy Wayne
Norma Shearer
Jenny Lee
Leon Holland
Where's The Fire
Love 'Em And Weep
Roamin' Holiday

Merta Sterling
Harry Tyler
Nell Craig
Laura Roessing
John Berkes
Robert Bailey
Joe Brwon Jr.
Camille Williams
Charles Butterworth
Darla Hood
Billy Lord
Ena Gregory
Peggy Cartwright
Start The Show
Long Fliv The King
Broadway Limited

Frank Montgomery
Eddy Waller
Joe Forte
Cliff Edwards
Elmo Billings
David Butler
The Royal Four-Flush
The King

Harry Langdon
Gene Stone
Charles Gemora
Hal Roach Jr.
Irving Gump
Bob Stebbins
Tommy Dee Miller
Dante the Magician
William Austin
Swat The Crook
Suffering Shakespeare
Fast Black

Sidney DeGray
William J. Kelly
William B. Davidson
Bert Tracy
Stan Laurel
Norman Kerry
Arthur Pierson
Billy Seay
Warner Weidler
Frances Rafferty
Marilyn Astor Thorpe
Joan Blake
Leon Tyler
Ernie Alexander
Vera White
Reginald Denny
Harry Cheshire
Somewhere In Turkey
Another Wild Idea

Edwards Davis
Flora Finch
Louise Fazenda
Ardda Lynwood
Fritz Schade
Alexander Pollard
Gale Henry
Robert Williams
George Givot
Monica Bannister
Into The Light
Lonesome Luke, Plumber
Pick And Shovel

Grant Mitchell
Ernie Adams
Mae Busch
Art Mix
John Warburton
Fred Purner Jr.
Cecile Arnold
Harry Sweet
George Byron
Jack Herrick
Louise Carver
Harry Keatan
Lilymae Wilkinson
William Tracy
Felix Knight
Wild Babies!
Hide And Shriek

Martha Mattox
Helen Holmes
Moe Howard
Della Lind
Eddie Bartell
Mildred June
Adriano Rimoldi
Jean Arthur
John Wood
Luke's Fatal Flivver
Own Your Home
Fluttering Hearts

Cissy Fitzgerald
Linda Loredo
Robert Murzeau
Alfred Hollingsworth
Charles Chase
Robert A. McGowan
Ralph Sanford
Diosa Costello
All In A Day
The Cow's Kimono

James Darcie 'Foxy' Lloyd
DeWitt Jennings
Jocelyn Lee
Al Ochs
Mathilde Comont
Walter Lundin
Fay Lanphier
Bobby 'Tasket' Jones
Virginia Karns
Joe Brown Jr.
Thundering Landlords
In The Grease
A Tough Winter

Charles Murray
Joe Cunningham
Mildred Gover
Paul Frees
Tommy Tucker
George Siegmann
Gary Odell
Bynunsky Hyman
Eddie Tamblyn
Emory Parnell
Off The Trolley
Don't Park There!
Young Oldfield
Leaping Love

Irvin S. Cobb
Billy Franey
Mildred Reardon
Vera Steadman
Etherine Landucci
Bobby Browning
H.M. Walker
William Gillespie
Mary Boland
Gerald Shaw
Emory Parnell
Are Crooks Dishonest?
Going Bye-Bye!
I'll Be Suing You

Lottie Case
Philippe Richard
Irving Pichel
Loretta Dray
Martha Sleeper
Patricia Wheeler
Alice Davenport
Kathleen O'Connor
Mary Carr
Marlene Kisker
Courtship Of Miles Sandwich
Fresh Eggs

William V. Mong
Clyde E. Hopkins
Wilkie C. Mahoney
Buddy Roosevelt
Lassie Lou Ahern
Ludovico Tomarchio
Charles Sullivan
Frank Hagney
George Ernest
Some Baby
Many Happy Returns
County Hospital
Yanks Ahoy

Josef Swickard
Mitchell Lewis
Gerald Oliver Smith
Bert Young
Charles Sellon
Harold Waldridge
Sybil Seely
Raphael Dolciame
Edith Fellows
Luke's Society Mix-Up
The High Rollers
Baby Brother

M.J. McCarty
H.M. Walker
Forrester Harvey
Alberta Vaughn
Bunny Bronson
Kay Tapscott
George Guhl
Jackie Williams
Walter James
Slim Whitaker
Billy Mack
Bobs Watson
Walter Trask
Richard Smith
Bradley 'Buster' Slaven
Any Old Port
Never Too Old

L.J. O'Connor
Polly Moran
Frank Mayo
James H. McNamara
Odette Myrtil
Bobby Vernon
Richard Carle
Gail Goodson
Official Officers
Fast Work

John Kelly
Jackie Lynn Taylor
John Collum
Sheila Brown
Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle
James W. Horne
Chester Gan
Kitty Kelly
Spring Fever
Jubilo, Jr.
Stolen Goods
Men O' War

Agostino Borgato
Frederick Peters
Maybelle Beringer
Nestor Paiva
Dolores Brinkman
Mary Sage
Margo Sage
Eugene Lowe
Patsy Barry
Sidney DeGray
Henry Roquemore
Olin Francis
Eddie Borden
Alex Novinsky
George McFarland
The Furniture Movers