Rough Seas  

Director: James Parrott Producer: Hal Roach ♦ Dialogue: H.M. Walker ♦
Cinematography: Art Lloyd ♦ Editor: Richard C. Currier ♦
Music: Leroy Shield ♦ Sound recording engineer: Elmer Raguse

Released: 25 April 1931
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / 3-reels (sound short)

•Filmed January 9-24, 1931.
•Music score recorded February 18, 1931.
•Songs: "When Johnny Comes Marching Home", "Linda Francesita", "Asleep In The Deep", "You Are The Ideal Of My Dreams".
•This film is a sequel to High C's (1930).
Did you notice?
  Charley Chase
Private Charley Chase
  Thelma Todd
  Carlton Griffin
  Jimmie Adams
Private Jimmie Adams
  Frank Gage
Private Frank Gage
  Marvin Hatley
Private Marvin Hatley
  Harry Bernard
Officer on deck
  Frank Brownlee
Ship's captain
  Otto Fries
Private Otto Fries
  Charlie Hall
Doughboy on deck
  Jerry Mandy
Ship's doctor

Acknowledgements: (
'Smile When The Raindrops Fall' by Brian Anthony & Andy Edmonds (book)