Leo McCarey
Thomas Leo McCarey
3 October 1896 - Los Angeles, California, USA
  5 July 1969 - Santa Monica, California, USA
emphysema, aged 72
American director who had a long association with Laurel and Hardy.  He guest appeared on their 1954 "This Is Your Life" show.

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 Long Fliv The King  (1926)  Director
 Crazy Like A Fox  (1926)  Director
 Bromo And Juliet  (1926)  Director
 Be Your Age  (1926)  Director
 Should Men Walk Home?  (1927)  Director
 Why Girls Say No  (1927)  Director
 Eve's Love Letters  (1927)  Director
 Sugar Daddies  (1927)  Director
 The Finishing Touch  (1928)  Supervising director
 Should Married Men Go Home?  (1928) Director
 Habeas Corpus  (1928) Director
 We Faw Down  (1928) Director
 Liberty  (1929) Director
 Wrong Again  (1929) Director
 Big Business  (1929) Director
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