Ruth Adams
born: circa 1906
Trinidad, Colorado,
United States of America
died: ?
United States of America
(age ?)
Actress/stuntwoman; she was a stand-in for actress Thelma Todd.
Per the 1930 Census, her father was born in Pennsylvania, and her mother in Colorado. She was living in San Francisco at the time of Thelma Todd's death. Four months afterward, she married San Francisco engineer Ralph Waldo Fayle (1909-1978). She was awarded an interlocutory divorce decree from him on 2 December 1937, charging him with intoxication and cruelty. She may have been working as a waitress by 1940. She was possibly born 28 June 1905 and died 4 March 1972 in SF, but I cannot 100% confirm this.
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Asleep In The Feet
Girl at front desk

One Track Minds
[unidentified character]

Maid In Hollywood
Thelma's stand-in

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