Edgar Sherrod

born: 07 March 1875
Tipton, Tennessee,
United States of America
died: 06 June 1961
Orange, California,
United States of America
(age 86)

American actor, a former clergyman. An article from 1929 says Edgar has played a minister in "more than two hundred productions." A 1936 article: "Edgar Sherrod, former clergyman, plays a priest in the Paramount film, "A Son Comes Home." He has been on the stage and screen before; in fact, says this is about the forty-sixth time he enacted the role of a clergyman." Another 1936 article: "It is said that Edgar Sherrod, who used to be an Episcopalian minister in Atlanta, Georgia, plays ministers almost exclusively in the movies. He retired from the ministry 20 years ago to go on the stage and since then he has been a stage or movie minister 748 times."

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