Fred L. Guiol
Frederick Lawrence Guiol
17 February 1898 - San Francisco, California, USA
  23 May 1964 - Bishop, California, USA
unknown cause of death, age 66
American director who began his career as a prop boy for DW Griffith.

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 Along Came Auntie  (1926)  Director
 Get 'Em Young  (1926)  Director
 45 Minutes From Hollywood  (1926)  Director
 Duck Soup  (1927)  Director
 Slipping Wives  (1927)  Director
 Love 'Em And Weep  (1927)  Writer/Director
Why Girls Love Sailors  (1927)  Director
With Love And Hisses  (1927) 
 Sugar Daddies  (1927)  Director
 Sailors, Beware!  (1927)  Director
 The Second Hundred Years  (1927)  Director
 Do Detectives Think?  (1927)  Director
 Their Purple Moment  (1928)  Director
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