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    Hustling For Health    
    Director:  Frank Terry
Producer:  Hal Roach
Cinematography:  Robert Doran
Editor:  Thomas J. Crizer
    Rolin Films/Pathé Exchange
2 February 1919
silent short/1-reel
  ....... Silent short featuring Stan Laurel as a man who misses his train and ends up going home with a guy he meets at the station (Frank Terry, who later appeared in bit part roles in Laurel & Hardy shorts of the 1930s). Not bad.
Favourite bit    

•Although there is no mention of her in the IMDb listing for this film I am convinced that the woman who plays Mr. Spotless's daughter (the young lady who flirts with Stan at the end at the wall) is Mildred Reardon.  It's her mouth and chin features that give her away.

Stan Laurel
The Man
Frank Terry
The home owner
Bud Jamison
Mr. Spotless
Margaret Joslin
Mrs. Spotless
Mildred Reardon
Mr. Spotless's daughter
Marie Mosquini
Homeowner's wife
James Parrott
Man who misses train
Noah Young
The Health Inspector
Rosa Gore
Woman guest
Dorothea Wolbert
Woman guest
  Pearl Elmore
(unknown character)
  Sadie Gordon
(unknown character)
  Jerome Laplauch
(unknown character)
  Belle Mitchell
(unknown character)
  Hazel Powell
(unknown character)
  Catherine Proudfit
(unknown character)