Mary Sage
Margo Sage
born: 30 June 1912
United States of America
Mary died: 25 May 2001
Brian Center, Georgia, United States of America (age 88)
Margo died: 01 April 1992
Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America (age 79)
American twin sisters who were the daughters of Oliver Hardy's step-sister, Elizabeth Tant Sage and her husband Ira Yale Sage Jr.  They had another older brother, Ira Yale Sage III (1902-1980).  Both sisters mainly lived in Georgia, where they headed back to after their brushing with Hollywood.

MARY - Between 1930-1937, she married William Olin Adcock (1901-1989); they had at least three children.

MARGOT - From the 1940 Census onward, she had adopted the middle name "Yale" (a la her father).  By 1940 she was living with Emily Hardy (Ollie's mother) and Elizabeth in Atlanta and was working as a saleslady in a retail store.  She evidently never married.
Real names:
Mary Northern Sage
Margaret Alexander Sage
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Acknowledgements: (Virginia Mylius, [Very good research on the Sage family; Ollie gets a brief mention.]

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