Our Gang Follies Of 1938
Series: Our Gang Distribution: MGM  Director: Gordon Douglas  Cinematography: Art Lloyd
Production: G-39 Type: Sound short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: William H. Ziegler
Released: 18 December 1937 Length: 2-reels Associate producer: S.S. Van Keuren Sound recording: Warren B. Delaplain


A parade of kids holding signs march into the stage entrance of a small theatre which bills Alfala, The King of Croons as the main attraction. With the excited kids seated, Buckwheat conducts the orchestra (of children) as Spanky takes to the stage to introduce the play.

Favourite bit

Production G-39 - Our Gang series.
Copyrighted December 21, 1937.
Filming dates
November 3-15, 1937.
This was the 162nd film in the series to be released.
Marketed by MGM as a "special" two-reeler, independent of the regular Our Gang series.
There is some confusion regarding Buckwheat's girlfriend during the "Love Bug" number in this film. The call sheets November 6, 1937 mention a girl named Jean Marshall, presumably for that role. Two days later, her name is replaced by Mona Jones. Over the next few days, the name is replaced yet again, this time with Jo Ann Thomas (no relation to Buckwheat, as far as I know; ditto for Beverly Thomas, who is among the black extras in the short). Also worth noting that many of the additional black players in this film were recruited from Ben Carter's School. Which of them were part of Buckwheat's band and which were part of the Love Bug dance number, I'm not sure. It's possible some (or all?) doubled. In fact, a handful of the additional performers seen throughout the film doubled (or even tripled) as extras.
The song "Your Broadway And Mine" sang by Ada Lynn was cut from the film. Darla Hood performed it a few months later in "Aladdin's Lantern".
What the experts say
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George 'Spanky' McFarland
Carl Switzer
Darla Hood
Eugene 'Porky' Lee
Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas
Georgia Jean LaRue
Girl in the Love Bug act
Philip MacMahon
Boy singing in the Love Bug act
(also listed by his stage name of "Tommy Ryan")
Annie Ross
Loch Lomond singer
Daniel Boone
Boy in balcony
Henry Brandon
Barnaby (opera impressario)
Tom Braunger
Gloria Browne
Tull hula girl/Chorus girl/Bowery girl
(she is one of the girls wearing the "L" sweater)
Bill Cody Jr.
John Collum
Kid at Club Spanky
Gino Corrado
Wilma Cox
Miss Jones, stenographer
Bobby Crockett
Boy leaning out of window in opening shot/
Dancer in kilt
Patsy Currier
Girl near Dickie
Dix Davis
Boy sitting at table
Tim Davis
Boy sitting at table
Billy Diamond
Boy fan of Alfalfa
Barry Downing
Boy in balcony
Charles Flickinger
David Freeman
Betsy Gay
Blonde girl fan of Alfalfa
Joe Geil
Dorothy Heinrichs
Girl sitting at table
Cordell Hickman
Musician in Buckwheat's band
Paul Hilton
Boy sitting at table
Jackie Horner
Girl with "!" on sweater
Don Hulbert
Boy dancer
Philip Hurlic
Gloria Hurst
Blonde hula girl/
Dancer in nightclub
Payne Johnson
Boy in band
Dickie Jones
Dickie, curtain operator
Darfwood Kaye
Henry 'Spike' Lee
Spike, farm boy
Sherril Luke
Buckwheat's band member
Ada Lynn
Jana Ekelund
Hat check girl
Patsy May
Hat check girl
Leona McDowell
Tommy McFarland
Roger McGee
Billy Mindy
Priscilla Montgomery
Girl with "L" on sweater
*Bob Peterson says she is wearing the "S" sweater
Raymond Rayhill Powell
Boy sitting at table
June Preston
Little blond curley girl
Norman Salling
Boy sitting at table
Clifford Severn
Jimmy Sommerville
Blonde boy in balcony
Nora Rita Stein
Girl wearing 'F' on sweater
Frances Bowling
Girl wearing 'O' on sweater
Camille Williams
Girl wearing 'E' on sweater
Helen Westcott
Girl with 'I' on sweater
Harold Switzer
Harold, farm boy
Doodles Weaver
Winstead, piano player
Laura June Williams
Hula girl on right side
Rhoda Williams
Girl sitting at table
Robert Winkler
Boy carrying second sign in opening shot/
Audience member
Sylvia Johnson
Porky's girlfriend
Trina Morris
Eccentric girl
Gloria Mackey
Eccentric girl
The Ben Carter Kids
Orchestra members
The Bud Murray Kids
Clarence Calvert
Buckwheat's band member
Bobby Crockett
Boy wearing kilt
Verna Dillon
Billy Eckley
Charline Flanders
Dolores Freymouth
Darryl Hickman
Leon Highby
Pauline James
Buckwheat's band member
Janet Johnson
Rae-Nell Laskey
Susette Laveil
Lorraine Long
Buckwheat's band member
Danellen Mabry
Buckwheat's band member
Alvin Morris
Buckwheat's band member
Cullen Morris
Buckwheat's band member
Josephine Roberts
Douglas Short
Beverly Thomas
Buckwheat's band member
Jo Ann Thomas
Buckwheat's girlfriend
Pete Troncale
Boy dancer in top hat
Jack Dishman
Boy dancer in top hat
Patricia Wheeler
Kenneth Wilson
Bobs Watson


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