Listed on this page is the complete list of series' made by Hal Roach/Hal Roach Studios between 1914-1949.
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Willie Work 16 films made, all 1-reel. Only 5 were released. Two of them starred Harold Lloyd.

Roy Stewart & Jane Novak 3 films made, all 2-reels.
1915 George Whiting 5 films made, only 1 had an official release.

Lonesome Luke At least 67 films known to have been made, probably more. All starring Harold Lloyd as the title character and 1-reel in length.

Skinny 9 films made starring Dee Lampton as the title character. Most were split-reel releases. Only 1 film is known to exist.

Harold Lloyd 99 films released, ranging from 1-reel shorts to full length features.

Toto Starring Armando Novello, 16 films released, ranging from 1-reel to 2-reel shorts. Very few of them exist today.

Stan Laurel 5 films made between 1918-1919, and then a further 25 in 1923-1924. Only 2 of them are lost.

Snub Pollard Starting in 1919 and running through until 1926, Snub Pollard had his own series of films after co-starring with Harold Lloyd for most of his films between 1917-1919. Approximately 140 films were produced; and about half of them exist today.

Beatrice LaPlante 5 films produced.

The Vanity Fair Girls Taking over from the LaPlante series, 14 films were produced. 12 of those were listed under the series of "Vanity Fair Girls with Eddie Boland".

Eddie Boland An extension of the Vanity Fair Girls series, 13 films were produced with Eddie Boland in the featured lead role.

Gaylord Lloyd Harold's brother was given his own series in 1921 but it lasted only 5 entries.

Sunshine Sammy Morrison The first child actor to be given his own series even if it did only last for one film, "The Pickaninny".

Ruth Roland Two serials featuring Ruth Roland were produced in 1922. The first was "White Eagle", followed by "The Timber Queen". Both ran for 15 episodes each.

Paul Parrott Charley Chase's brother James Parrott was given his own series by Roach in 1922, which ran until 1923 (with several films made in this period being held back until 1925-1926). At least 66 known films were produced in this series.

George Rowe Just the one film produced in this series, "High Tide".

Our Gang The longest running series produced by Hal Roach was the Our Gang series. Spanning 168 shorts and 1 feature film, the series ran for seventeen years before being sold to MGM in 1938.

Dippy Doo Dads A series featuring animals ran for one season and produced 13 films.

Edna Murphy A serial of 10 episodes called "Her Dangerous Path", filmed in the summer of 1923.

Rex The Wonder Horse Five feature length films starring a horse were made, one each year between 1923-1927.

Will Rogers Will Rogers had a series which ran for one season, lasting 13 films. Most of them exist.

The Spat Family 24 films produced over a period of three years, starring Frank Butler and Laura Roessing as Mr. & Mrs. Spat.

Charley Chase One of the most successful series made by Hal Roach were the Charley Chase shorts, which produced 145 films over a period of 13 years.

Glenn Tryon 23 films produced.

Arthur Stone 10 films produced, 2 of which were not released.

Earl Mohan/
"Hunky" Dorrey/
"Knockout" Kelly
A series of shorts starring Earl Mohan, with Billy Engle in support. 9 films produced, and under different names, though most were released as "Fite" comedies.

All Star Comedies A series of short films released to showcase different actors. Some ended up having their own series, others were short-lived and lasted just 1 film. Laurel and Hardy were originally teamed in this series in 1927. Approximately 98 short films were made under this banner before the shorts were discontinued in 1934. 6 features then followed between 1935-1938.

James Finlayson James Finlayson had his own short-lived series, which saw 6 films produced in 1925.

Frank Butler 1 film produced, "Tol'ble Romeo".

Eddie Borden 1 film produced, "Hold Everything".

Clyde Cook 9 films produced - including "The Merry Widower" which was later relased as an "All Star" film.

Mabel Normand After her fall from fame with Mack Sennett, Mabel Normand briefly had her own series of films with Hal Roach. 5 were made (two of them were produced under the "All-Stars" banner.)

Francis McDonald 2 features produced starring Francis McDonald; "The Desert's Toll" in 1926, and "The Valley Of Hell" in 1927.

Max Davidson 13 films produced, plus 5 more under the "All-Stars" banner.

Laurel and Hardy Hal Roach's most famous film series paired Stan Laurel with Oliver Hardy for a total of 78 films (including features); 13 of them under the "All-Star" banner. The series ended in 1940 when the team jumped ship to 20th Century Fox.

Edgar Kennedy 4 films produced, all released under the "All Star" banner. They were, "A Pair Of Tights", "When Money Comes", "Why Is A Plumber?" and "Dad's Day".

Harry Langdon 8 short films, all released under the "All-Star" banner.

The Boy Friends 15 short films, all released under the "All-Star" banner.

ZaSu Pitts & Thelma Todd Roach's female answer to Laurel & Hardy came in the form of 17* films (*the first, "Let's Do Things", was released as part of the "All-Star" series) starring ZaSu Pitts and Thelma Todd. The series ended in 1933 when Pitts failed to renegotiate her contract and she was replaced by Patsy Kelly.

The Taxi Boys 10 short films, all released under the "All-Stars" banner. Most of them starred Billy Gilbert and Ben Blue as taxi drivers.

Douglas Wakefield & Billy Nelson 6 short films, all released under the "All-Stars" banner.

Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly 21 short films, starring Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly (who took over from ZaSu Pitts). The series came to an end after Todd's death in 1935 though 3 more shorts were produced to complete the series with Patsy Kelly.

Musical 7 short films produced as "comedy with music". 3 of them starring Billy Gilbert and Billy Bletcher, with 1 billed with Eddie Foy, Jr. One film, "Keg O' My Heart" was made in 1933 but never released (though the footage exists).

Irvin S. Cobb 6 short films produced. One film, "Speaking Of Relations" was made under the "All Star" banner. One film, "Nosed Out" was unreleased.

All Star Features After the All Star series of short films was discontinued in 1934, Roach released six features under this banner until 1938: Vagabond Lady, Kelly The Second, Mister Cinderella, Nobody's Baby, Topper, and Merrily We Live.

Patsy Kelly & Pert Kelton The first film in continuation of the Todd/Kelly series following Thelma's death. Only one film was made, "Pan Handlers" before Kelton was replaced by Lyda Roberti for the last 2 films.

Patsy Kelly & Lyda Roberti The conclusion of the Todd/Kelly series, starring Patsy Kelly and with Lyda Roberti replacing Pert Kelton (who took over from Thelma Todd). These last 2 films, "At Sea Ashore" and "Hill-Tillies" rounded up the series.

Features After the demise of the short films of the mid-1930s, Roach made feature length films. 13 in total were produced until 1941 where the films were marketed as 'streamliners'. (see below)

Streamliners In the 1940s, the Hal Roach Studios produced only Streamliner films (films which were too long to be called 'shorts' and too short to be called 'features'.) 22 were made before the studio focussed its attention on making television shows.

Acknowledgements: (Robert Demoss, Rob Stone, Joe Moore)
A History Of The Hal Roach Studios by Richard Lewis Ward

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