Vagabond Lady
Series: All-Star feature Distribution: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer  Director: Sam Taylor Cinematography: Jack MacKenzie
Production: F-6 Type: Feature Producer: Hal Roach, Sam Taylor Editor: Bernard W. Burton
Released: 03 May 1935 Length: 8-reels (71 mins) Screenplay: Frank Butler Art director: Stan Rogers



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Production F-6 All-Star feature.
Copyrighted May 2, 1935.
Also listed for April 1, 1935.

Filming dates

After the Irvin S. Cobb shorts failed, Roach convinced MGM to distribute an All Star feature film called "Vagabond Lady," which led to more of the same in the future.
What the experts say

Robert Young
Tony Spear
Evelyn Venable
Miss Josephine Spiggins
Reginald Denny
Johnny Spear
  Frank Craven
'Spiggy' Spiggins
  Berton Churchill
R.D. Spear
  Ferdinand Gottschalk
Mr. 'Higgy' Higgingbottom
  Forrester Harvey
Corky Nye
  Lowden Adams
Spear's second butler
  Mariska Aldrich
  Beaudine Anderson
Messenger boy
  Ed Armand
Elevator operator
  Jessie Arnold
Helen, cleaning lady
  Consuelo Baker
  Max Barwyn
Cafe headwaiter
  Vangie Beilby
Store customer
  Herman Bing
Spear department head
  Stanley Blystone
Hotel detective
  Nora Cecil
Miss Perkins, Spea office worker
  Shirley Chambers
John's blonde secretary
  Allen Connor
Spear elevator starter
  Dan Crimmins
Willie the janitor
  Carrie Daumery
Woman at opera recital
  Dulcie Day
  Ray De Ravenne
Poolside waiter
  Claire Du Brey
R.D.'s secretary
  Harry Dunkinson
Dock official
  John Elliott
Poolside master of ceremonies
  Frank Fanning
Dock official
  Sam Flint
Ship's captain
  Billy Franey
Admiral, Tony's jailmate
  Charles K. French
Spear department head
Chester Gan
Japanese fisherman
  Sam Godfrey
Spear department head
  Grace Goodall
Miss Jones, woman helping Jo
Mary Gordon
Myrtle, cleaning mady
  Rosa Gore
Woman given opera ticket
  William Gould
Hotel detective
  Julia Griffith
Astonished store customer
  Donald Haines
Spear store customer
  Robert Homans
Tony's old crony
  Arthur Hoyt
Spear department head
  Lew Kelly
Tony's old crony
  Eleanor Kingston
  Richard Kipling
Dock official
  George Kirby
Spear's first butler
  Fuzzy Knight
Swan, man with Pat
  Feodor Kolin
  Bobbie Koshay
Ivan Linow
Man in manhole
  Theodore Lorch
Dock official
  Ludwig Lowry
Poolside headwaiter
  Wilfred Lucas
Dock official
  Lya Lys
Pat, Tony's friend
  Eric Mayne
Man at opera recital
  Arthur Millett
Dock official
  Ferdinand Munier
Spear department head
  Louis Natheaux
Third mate
  Bea Nigro
Spear department head
  Harry Northrup
Cafe doorman
  Edgar Norton
Lewis, John's chauffeur
  Lee Phelps
Yelling ship official
  Rose Plumer
First old woman
  Nena Quartero
Mike, Tony's friend
  Elizabeth Rhodes
Second old woman
  Tom Ricketts
Spear department head
  Jason Robards Sr.
John's best man
  C. Montague Shaw
Hotel manager
  Dorothy Stockmar
  Ben Taggart
Hotel detective
  Harry Tenbrook
Yelling sailor
  Harry Todd
Crabby clerk
  Ellinor Vanderveer
Spear department head
  Herb Vigran
Edgar, man with Mike
  Fred Walton
Minister at wedding
  Carol Wines
Store customer
  Dorothea Wolbert
Woman getting opera ticket
  Victor Wong
Japanese fisherman
Noah Young
Man in manhole
  Gwen Zetter
Maid of honor
  Mariska Aldrich
Wagnerial singer
(who destroys Die Valkyrie at the recital)
  Dorothy Vernon
Spear's officer worker
(she occupies the desk in front of Nora Cecil)
  Frank LaRue
Wedding guest (with toupee)



Richard Finegan (stills)
Jack Tillmany (identification of Mariska Aldrich, Dorothy Vernon, Frank LaRue)
Craig Calman (help)

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