Series: All Star feature

Director: Gus Meins
Producer: Hal Roach
Screenplay: Jefferson Moffitt, William H. Terhune
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: Jack Ogilvie
Sound: William Randall

Stars: Patsy Kelly, Guinn Williams, Charley Chase, Pert Kelton, Edward Brophy, Harold Huber, Max Rosenbloom, DeWitt C. Jennings, Syd Saylor
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 21 August 1936
Length: 7 reels
Production No.: F-10
Filming dates: February - April 1936
Rating: -/10

Kelly The Second

The 'quiet' streets of New York are a bustling noise of bells, whistles and traffic. Molly (Patsy Kelly) is in a rush and dashes out of her apartment and into her car, but a passing truck latches onto the back of her car and pulls her backwards all through the busy streets until he stops. The driver, Cecil Callahan (Guinn Williams) gets out and is confronted by the angry Molly. He eventually apologies but when a passerby tries to intervene a fight breaks out. The police are called and the screaching Molly makes a quick getaway with Callahan in his truck.
They arrive at her place of employment (a small drug store on the corner of the Hal Roach back lot, doubling as a cafe) where her boss Doc Klum (Charley Chase) is waiting to reprimand her for being late, but Callahan sticks his face into the situation first. After threatening the boss not to give Molly a hard time for being late, Callahan sits down and orders a meal. Molly crashes into the kitchen door with the chef (Syd Saylor) behind it holding crockery whilst a sick kid (Carl Switzer) comes into the store asking for Doc to call the hopsital, on account that he has swallowed 25 cents (2 dimes and a Buffalo nickel!) Doc gives the boy a potion for his ailment and he leaves. Shortly after, the cops show up looking for Callahan who has ducked down behind the counter. The cop interrogates Doc but when one of the witnesses fingers Molly as being the cause of the fight, Callahan jumps up to defend her. They all end up in court before a judge, who finds Callahan guilty of assault & battery but lets off Doc and Molly for "harboring a criminal and obstructing justice." However, when Doc vouches for Callahan, the judge accepts Doc's drug store as collateral in bailing the brawler out.
Outside the court a fighter by the name of Butch Flynn (real-life boxer Max Rosenbloom) shows up in a chauffeur-driven car, which gives Molly the idea of pitting Callahan up against him in a fight to make some money. That evening Molly gives Callahan a tray of food and tells him to eat it in order to put on the pounds needed to match his opponent in the ring.


Copyrighted July 27, 1936.
Previewed at 85 and 82 minutes.
Re-released January 1948.
This was Charley Chase's last film for Hal Roach. He took third billing. His first scene is after 6 minutes.
Outside Patsy Kelly's apartment building is Roy Seawright's Cleaners. Roy Seawright was visual effects supervisor on the film.
The film poster was designed by Al Hirschfeld.
When Callahan is trying to eat his sandwich whilst wearing his boxing gloves, somebody off screen is making the sound effects of him chewing the glove (it's pretty obvious).

Patsy Kelly
Molly Patricia Kelly
Guinn Williams
Cecil Joseph Callahan
Charley Chase
Doc Klum
Pert Kelton
Edward Brophy
Ike Arnold
Harold Huber
Max Rosenbloom
Butch Flynn
DeWitt Jennings
Syd Saylor
Ernie Alexander
Cecil's handler
Jessie Arnold
Mrs. Slocom
Herbert Ashley
Fight arena manager
Hooper Atchley
Harry Bernard
Andrews Man
Harry Bowen
Drenched ringsider
Joe Caits
Heinie Conklin
Counter customer
Ray Corrigan
Fight arena doorman
Max Davidson
Singing fight spectator
Bud Geary
Hungry diner
Roy Glenn
Fight spectator
Paul Gustine
Frank Hagney
Charlie Hall
Ring attendant
Jack Hill
Angry man with pool cue in mouth
Si Jenks
Farmer Slocum
John Kelly
Fighter Biff Andrews
Donald Kerr
Arena waiter
Leonard Kibrick
Charles McAvoy
Larry McGrath
First referee
Buddy Messinger
Flynn Handler
Harold Miller
Party guest
James C. Morton
Policeman Mike
Harry Myers
Fight spectator with cigars
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Policeman Joe
Wheeler Oakman
Lee Phelps
Andrews man
Charlie Phillips
Arena vendor
Jack Raymond
Ike's henchman
Francis Sayles
David Sharpe
Fight spectator
Harry Strang
Ike's henchman
Carl Switzer
Boy with stomach ache
Harry Tenbrook
Ike's henchman
Dan Tobey
Ring announcer
Monte Vandergrift
Policeman at fire hydrant
May Wallace
Tammany Young
Pool player
Billy Gilbert
Fur trader

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The Charley Chase Talkies 1929-1940 by James L. Neibaur (book)
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