Series: Streamliner

Director: Kurt Neumann
Producer: Hal Roach
Screenplay: Earle Snell, Clarence Marks
Photography: Robert Pittack
Editor: Ray Snyder
Art director: Charles D. Hall

Stars: William Bendix, Joe Sawyer, Marjorie Woodworth, Grace Bradley, Skeets Gallagher, Florine McKinney, Leonid Kinskey
Company: United Artists
Released: 20 February 1942
Length: 5 reels
Production No.: F-43
Filming dates:
Rating: -/10

Brooklyn Orchid

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Copyrighted April 2, 1942.
One source gives a release date of January 31, 1942.

William Bendix
Tim McGuerin
Joe Sawyer
Eddie Corbett
Marjorie Woodworth
Lucy 'The Brooklyn Orchid' Gibbs
Grace Bradley
Sadie McGuerin
Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher
Tommy Lynn Goodweek
Florine McKinney
Mabel Cooney
Leonid Kinskey
Ignatz Rachkowsky
Rex Evans
Sterling, McGuerin's butler
Jack Norton
Jonathan McFeeder
John Albright
Elevator boy
Ernie Alexander
Taxi driver
Phil Arnold
Hymie, cab driver
Ralph Brooks
Party guest
Tom Coleman
Taxi driver
Oliver Cross
Nightclub patron
Bess Flowers
Party guest
George Ford
Nightclub patron
George Golden
Nightclub patron
Harold Goodwin
Taxi dispatcher
Dick Gordon
Desk clerk
Herschel Graham
Resort guest
Sam Lufkin
Cab driver
George Magrill
Cab driver
Jerry Mandy
Louie, Goodweek's chauffeur
Paul McVey
Party guest
Buddy Messinger
Bellhop with flowers
Hans Moebus
Party guest
Edmund Mortimer
Party guest
William H. O'Brien
Waiter at party
Bob O'Conor
Cab driver
Broderick O'Farrell
Mr. Hennessy, party guest
Fred Rapport
Maitre d'
Jack Raymond
Cab driver
Jack Rice
Hotel desk clerk
Suzanne Ridgway
Poolside guest/Nightclub patron
Cyril Ring
Party guest
Dewey Robinson
Cosmo Sardo
Nightclub patron
Will Stanton
Goodweek's valet
Larry Steers
Mr. Bledsoe III, party guest
Ray Walker
Orchestra leader/Emcee
Dick Wessel
Al, cab driver
Poppy Wilde
Party guest
Florence Wix
Mrs. Bledsoe

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