45 Minutes From Hollywood
Series: Glenn Tryon Distribution: Pathé  Director: Fred L. Guiol Cinematography: ?
Production: H-3 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach Editor: ?
Released: 26 December 1926 Length: 2-reels Titles: H.M. Walker


DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess - A young man (Glenn Tryon) travels into Hollywood, California to pay the mortgage on his folks home before it can be re-possessed.  En route he takes a tour on top of a bus through the famous streets where the movies are made.  The tour guide encourages the viewers to look to the left or right accordingly to witness certain people such as Theda Bara, the Hal Roach Bathing Beauties, the Our Gang kids and Daredevil Dave.  When their attention is drawn to what appears to be the filming of a bank robbery, the patrons of the bus jump off quickly to get a closer examination of the scene, only to discover it is not staged at all but rather, a real robbery in progress. Excited with the prospect of being part of a movie, the inquisitive young man runs over to the scene of the crime/ filming and is met by a man disguised as a woman, who leads him (quite quickly, as part of the getaway plan, using the man as a shield from the cops who have opened fire on them) down the street and into a back alley.
Through a back door they find themselves in the lobby of a lavish Hollywood Hotel, and ultimately in a suite where the hotel detective (Hardy) is taking a bath. Here, the 'woman' renders the young man unconscious and tries to steal his clothes so 'she' can dress as a man and avoid being fingered for the bank job by the police who are in hot pursuit. The thief, now dressed as a man leaves the room with the young man dressed in his former clothing, lying on the detective's bed just as the wife returns to the apartment.
Outside the police catch up with the robber and chase him back into the hotel, where the detective has ended up in the foyer dressed only in his bath-towel.  The janitor is on hand to get rid of a nuisance (and badly animated) cat which has crawled up the towel, so he releases an equally-as-bad mouse to entice the cat to come out.  It all gets a bit strange hereafter as Hardy returns to his room and is confronted by the robber, who has just caused the detective's wife to pass out (with her feet sticking vertically in the air by the side of the bed).  As the chase to catch the robber continues throughout the hotel he enter the room of an unsuspecting guest (Stan Laurel) and a fight takes place on his bed - with him in it!  Outside the door, Hardy has met up with the cops and try to force entry but end up backing into another guest's room (Claude Gillingwater).  Eventually the films ends when detective Hardy throws a fire extinguisher into the pants of the robber, which then spurts a spray of continuous water from its nozzle over all the onlooking residents of the hotel.

It's a rather poor film with a silly storyline, which makes little sense and has poor continuity.  The premise of the story in the beginning is totally overlooked by the rushed and rather inconclusive finale.

  Favourite bit

Production H-3 - Glenn Tryon series.
Copyrighted December 13, 1926.
Filming dates
October 27 - November 8, 1925.  Added scenes were shot November 16, 1925, with retakes March 27 and April 5-6, 1926.

This was the first Hal Roach film in which Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appeared together, though never on-screen at the same time.
At least one other source (incorrectly) lists this as an "All-Star" vehicle.  All publications listing this film as a "Laurel & Hardy" film are wrong.
Theda Bara's brief appearance is stock footage used from a previous film she made with Oliver Hardy called Madame Mystery.
Look for a brief camera-facing smile by Hardy under that heavy moustache of his, a mannerism very typically seen in his later film appearances.
During the open-top bus tour, the journey passes a cinema showing "What Fools Men" (1925), starring Lewis Stone and Shirley Mason.
L&H regular Tiny Sandford appears 6 minutes into the film as a train conductor for exactly 23 frames (less than one second).  Blink and you'll miss him.
The cat that runs up Hardy's towel is not only animated but see-through as well.

The film is released on DVD with some scenes shown from slightly different angles.  Also, the Universal DVD from 2004 cuts out a considerable amount of footage: There is an animated sequence which starts at 7:47 and lasts for 26 seconds with an aerial shot of a guy holding onto a rope ladder, another guy directing it with a film camera. The camera pans from left to right and we finally lots of animated people (seen as dots) jumping from the roof of a building and committing suicide. Also, there are hot air balloons, aeroplanes and zeppelin ships in the air, whilst a dinosaur is doing some kind of breakdancing thing on the Hollywood hills in the distance! It's something that looks like Monty Python!  The sequence begins after the train sequence ends... lasts 26 seconds and resumes with Al Hallet with the megaphone on top of the bus.  This version is actually available on many DVDs, the best being THE OLIVER HARDY COLLECTION from Kino Video (DVD).

What the experts say
•The picture in the magazine that the father is reading in his bed near the beginning of the film is that of up-and-coming actress Vivien Oakland.

Glenn Tryon
Charlotte Mineau
Orville's mother
DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess - Jack Clifford
Orville's father
Sue O'Neil
Orville's sister
Oliver Hardy
Hotel detective
Edna Murphy
Em, Hotel detective's wife
Jerry Mandy
Stan Laurel
Hotel guest in bed
Tiny Sandford
Claude Gillingwater
Old man in bed
Al Hallett
Tour guide on bus
Ham Kinsey
Hotel guest
Olin Francis
Lyle Tayo
Hotel guest who gets splashed in final scene
Clara Guiol
Hotel guest
Chet Brandenburg
Hotel guest
Bathing Beauties
Theda Bara
*stock footage from MADAME MYSTERY
Mickey Daniels
Joe Cobb
Scooter Lowry
Jackie Condon
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins
Johnny Downs
Jay R. Smith
  Jack Hill
Hotel dress extra
  Monte Collins
(unknown role)
  Janet Gaynor
(unknown role)
Policeman #1, Policeman #2, Thief, Swimmer


Lou Sabini (identification of Olin Francis)
Ian Tiso (identification of Clara Guiol)
Jesse Brisson (help with some cast identifications)

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