Series: Streamliner

Director: Jurt Neumann
Producer: Hal Roach
Screenplay: Clarence Marks, Earle Snell
Photography: Robert Pittack
Editor: Richard Currier
Art director: Charles D. Hall
Sound: William Randall

Stars: William Bendix, Grace Bradley, Arline Judge, Max Baer, Marjorie Woodworth, Joe Sawyer, Marion Martin, Rex Evans
Company: United Artists
Released: 31 December 1942
Length: 5 reels
Production No.: F-47
Filming dates: 1942
Rating: -/10

The McGuerins From Brooklyn

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Copyrighted September 29, 1942.
Re-released in January 1948.
Also known as Two Mugs From Brooklyn.

William Bendix
Tim McGuerin
Grace Bradley
Sadie McGuerin
Arline Judge
Marcia Marsden
Max Baer
Professor Samson
Marjorie Woodworth
Lucy Gibbs
Joe Sawyer
Eddie Corbett
Marion Martin
Myrtle, Marcia's friend
Rex Evans
Sterling, McGuerin's butler
J. Farrell MacDonald
Pat Flaherty
Pat, gym attendant
Alan Hale Jr.
Alan, gym attendant
Brooks Benedict
Tyler Brooke
Spa desk clerk
Ralph Brooks
Frank Faylen
Crap table stickman
Frank Hagney
Savoy hotel doorman
Eddie Hall
Man on parallel bars in gym
  Joe Louis
Himself, in photo
  George Magrill
Herbert, Ed's chauffeur
  Bert Moorhouse
  Patsy Moran
Spa guest
  Ralph Peters
Street cleaner
  Tom Quinn
  Cyril Ring
Man at roulette table
  Elizabeth Russell
Jealous woman
  Jack Shea
Bellhop at Paradise Springs
  Dick Wessel
Al, cab driver
  Matt Willis
Cab driver

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