Series: Feature

Director: Hal Roach
Producer: Hal Roach
Screenplay: Mickell Novack, Berne Giler, John McClain. Additional dialogue: Rian James. Based on the novel "Turnabout" by Thorne Smith
Photography: Norbert Brodine
Editor: Bert Jordan
Art director: Nicolai Remisoff
Sound: William Randall
Music: Arthur Morton

Stars: Adolphe Menjou, Carole Landis, John Hubbard, William Gargan, Verree Teasdale, Mary Astor, Donald Meek, Joyce Compton, Inez Courtney, Franklin Pangborn, Marjorie Main, Berton Churchill, Margaret Roach
Company: United Artists
Released: 17 May 1940
Length: 9 reels
Production No.: F-31
Filming dates: February 19, 1940 - ?
Rating: 5/10


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It's 7:45am when the butler wakes up Tim Willows, who then breaks out into a routine of exercises, waking up his wife who is sleeping in a separate bed next to his. She complains about him and his giant dog and declares it's the dog's last day in the house. Outside the door, the butler and the maid make wagers on whether they think the dog will actually go or stay (this continues through the movie.) Tim lovingly tucks the huge dog into his bed and goes into the bathroom. His wife Sally then turns over and without realising this begins a heartfelt apology to Tim. Whe she realises she is talking to the dog she and Tim begin to argue some more until Tim offers to take Dopey to the kennels, which earns her forgiveness.
Trixie Gale is waiting at the offices of Willows-Manning-Clare Advertising, to be the new secretary for Joel Clare. The heads of the company filter into the building and go about their daily routines, whilst back at the Willows' house Sally is annoyed to see that the dog is still at the house so she phones Tim to issue an ultimatum: either the dog goes or she will. Meanwhile, the three wives of Willows, Manning and Clare get together in a cab ride. Tim has a brief workout in his office with a Japanese trainer named Ito, and businessman Mr. Pangboom arrives to see Willows. Tim seeks the advice of Laura, who tells him to buy his wife a small dog for her own so that he has leverage against her next time she wants him to get rid of his dog. So he takes Dixie to the pet store to buy one.
Unfortunately Irene, one of Tim's wife's friends, sees him buying the dog with the mystery woman and can't wait to rush back to report the news to her. More unfortunate is that a disgrunted customer has swapped the basket containing the dog with one containing a small bear which he had just returned to the store. Sally is unimpressed when she is presented with the creature which promptly runs amok in her bedroom.


Copyrighted May 21, 1940.
After the release of this film it would be five months before a new film made by Roach would be released.
This film was preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive, with funding provided by The Film Foundation before being released onto DVD in 2017.
'Dopey' is the name of Tim's dog; whilst Manning calls his two goldfish Amos and Andy.
Adolphe Menjou (who plays Phil Manning) and Verree Teasdale (who plays Laura Banning) were real-life husband and wife at the time of filming.

Adolphe Menjou
Phil Manning
Carole Landis
Sally Willows
John Hubbard
Tim Willows
William Gargan
Joel Clare
Veree Teasdale
Laura Bannister
Mary Astor
Marion Manning
Donald Meek
Joyce Compton
Irene Clare
Inez Courtney
Miss Edwards
Franklin Pangborn
Alan Pingboom
Marjorie Main
Berton Churchill
Julian Marlowe
Margaret Roach
Dixie Gale
Ray Turner
Norman Budd
Polly Ann Young
Gertie Twill
Eleanor Riley
Murray Alper
Miki Morita
Marie, maid
Georges Renavent
Mr. Ram
Peter Adams
Ward Arnold
Chester Clute
Hal Cooke
John Davidson
Nightclub patron
Bathing model
Jack Egan
Photographer's assistant
Joe Hartman
Kenner G. Kemp
Nightclub patron
Gwen Kenyon
Wright Kramer
Dr. Brown
Carl M. Leviness
Man in outer office
Jerry Mandy
Remisoff, first photographer
Buddy Messinger
Eddie, elevator boy
Harold Miller
Nightclub patron
Harold Minjir
Pet shop clerk
Bert Moorhouse
Photographer's assistant
Frances Morris
Marlowe's secretary
Forbes Murray
William H. O'Brien
Nightclub waiter
Elsa Peterson
Rebel Randall
Jack Rice
Second photographer
Louise Ritchie
Marshall Ruth
Nightclub patron
Gwen Seager
Dress model
Mildred Sellers
Robert 'Buddy' Shaw
Second clerk
Carlie Taylor
Photographer's assistant
Russell Wade
Officer worker in corridor
Larry Wheat
Meek man in outer office

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