Mary Astor

born: 03 May 1906
Quincy, Illinois,
United States of America
died: 25 September 1987
Motion Picture Country Home,
Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(respiratory failure due to pulmonary emphysema, age 81)

Attractive American actress born to a German father and an American mother. Mary was a WAMPAS Baby Star of 1926; was married four times; had an abortion at the age of 22; she was an alcoholic; and attempted suicide. And on top of all that she managed to squeeze in a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for the film "The Great Lie" (1941). Quite the life.
She was interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.
Real name: Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke
Height: 5'5"
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