An All-American Toothache  
25 January 1936
sound short


Director: Gus Meins  Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Art Lloyd  Editor: Jack Ogilvie  Sound recording: Warren B. Delaplain

IMAGE COMING SOON Sadly, this is the last review of the TODD/KELLY Series, as poor Thelma had died by the time this happy short was released. As usual, Max has reviewed this gem so well, I am going to have to squeeze in what I can! Here goes....
The immediate beginning, has a student giving it the most 'geezer' walk, you will ever see!
Student dentist, Mickey Daniels, has his knee in his patients lap, with what looks like a pair of pliers in both hands, gripping his tooth and asking, "Am I hurting you?" The poor patient amazingly says 'no', just before giving an Ollie-type "Whooooooaa!!" As we hear a crash, as fellow students look bravely on!
They go to the luncheonette, where Thelma makes her uniform look saucy, and Patsy doesn't. Thelma whacks Mickey on his head and says,"Why don't you pull one of your own teeth?" He replies with a big gapped-tooth smile, "Well, you see, it has to be a wisdom tooth." And the coach points out,"And what would he be doing with a wisdom tooth?" Mickey, taking no offence, simply says, "Yeah."
For reasons known only to herself, Patsy serves and speaks to an imaginary customer, and even THEN she gets worked up and says her famous line, "Do you wanna make something out of it?" She ends this spectacle, la-la-ing, "...A LOVELY MELODY..." Even Mickey is perplexed! Thelma then says,well, almost SINGS, "I think I know where there's a wisdom tooth, and it'll never be missed!" Eyes on Patsy! Thelma convinces Patsy to get her wisdom tooth removed, by showing her a distorted reflection of Patsy's face in a silver coloured tray. When she asks Patsy, "Do you wanna inhale your food?" She does a funny impression of a toothless head.
Outside the surgery, listening to the plumbers' working noises, and mistaking them for DENTISTS drills etc, Patsy's fears multiply, even with Thelma's 'helpful' idea of chanting to yourself, "It does not hurt....." and " I don't feel a thing..." 
Ends with a free-for-all attempt by the whole football team, to extract Patsy's tooth, but instead get the Professor's.

  Favourite bit

•Production A-37 - Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly series.
•This was the twenty-first - and last entry in the Todd-Kelly film series.
•Copyrighted January 27, 1936.
Did you notice?

DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess - Thelma Todd
Thelma Alice Todd
Patsy Kelly
Patricia Veronica Kelly
Chet Brandenburg
Dentist's assistant
Johnny Arthur
Dental professor
Mickey Daniels
Duke York
Coach Bill
Billy Bletcher
Plumber #1
Ray Cooke
Dental student
  Sue Gomes
  Ben Hall
Dental student
Bud Jamison
Plumber #2
Si Jenks
David Sharpe
Football player
Jack Cooper
Charlie Hall
  Buddy Messinger
[unidentified character]
  Manny Vezie
[unidentified character]

Mick Roche (review)
Jorge Finkielman (still)
Brent Seguine (identification of Chet Brandenburg)

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