Series: Our Gang

Director: Gordon Douglas
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: William H. Ziegler
Sound: William Randall

Stars: Darla Hood, Eugene Lee, George McFarland, Carl Switzer, Billie Thomas
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 23 October 1937
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: K-14
Filming dates: September 18-25, 1937
Rating: -/10

The Pigskin Palooka

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Alfalfa is supposedly a big football star who is accosted and berated by the captain of the military academy's football team for wearing his uniform whilst posing for a photograph. Alfalfa then sits down to write his sweetheart Darla a letter to tell her he will be home at the weekend. Later, Alafalfa is given a hero's welcome by a bunch of screaming kids as he gets off a train with Spanky. He begins to tell the crowd about his recent win but his voice is drowned out by the steam from the train before he is carried away on the shoulders of two boys. Spanky makes an announcement that Alfalfa will now take part in a game. But when a nervous Alfalfa says he hasn't got his playing kit Spanky finds one for him. The boys on the opposing team accost Alfalfa and warn him that he will be in for a rough time.
The game begins and straight away it's aggressive. Alfalfa receives a catch from the kick-off and panics when he sees the opposing team charging for him. He releases the ball to Spanky, who passes to Buckwheat who runs on and scores a touchdown. The team then score a conversion kick despite the ball hitting Alfalfa on the head. Alfalfa fakes being knocked out in order to get out of completing the game.


Copyrighted November 2, 1937.
Film #160 in the series.

Darla Hood
Eugene Lee
George McFarland
Carl Switzer
Billie Thomas
Gary Jasgur
Dickie Jones
John Collum
Sidney Kibrick
Daniel Boone
#6 on Our Gang team
Bobby Callahan
Hugh Chapman
#17 on opposing team
Dix Davis
#33 on opposing team
Barry Downing
Rex Downing
Cadet photographer
Floyd Fisher
Charles Flickinger
#5 on Our Gang team
Joe Geil

*According to Robert Demoss -
I myself am not 100% sure on this.
George Rayes
Trombone player
Vincent Graeff
Trumpet player
Larry Harris
Kid carrying Alfalfa
Paul Hilton
Kid carrying sign
Cullen Johnson
Payne B. Johnson
Darwood Kaye
Harold Switzer
Kid carrying Alfalfa/
#44 on Our Gang team
Joe Levine
#24 on opposing team
Tommy McFarland
#43 on Our Gang team
Roger McGee
Number 20 on opposing team
Donald Proffitt
Number 9 on Our Gang team
Norman Salling
Drum player
Fred Walburn
#2 on opposing team
Delmar Watson
Captain of the military academy football team
Robert Winkler
Leon Holland
Bass drum player
Priscilla Lyon
Marvin Strin

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The Little Rascals: The Life And Times Of Our Gang by Leonard Maltin & Richard W. Bann (book) (Robert Demoss/The Lucky Corner)
Matthew Lydick (screenshot - Floyd Fisher)

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