Series: Streamliner

Director: Harve Foster
Producer: Bebe Daniels, Hal Roach Jr.
Screenplay: Jack Jevne
Photography: John W. Boyle
Editor: Bert Jordan
Art director: Jerome Pycha Jr.
Music: Heinz Roemheld

Stars: Walter Abel, Margot Grahame, Marie Wilson, Donald Meek, Sheldon Leonard, Howard Petrie
Company: United Artists
Released: 23 August 1947
Length: 6 reels
Production No.: F-56
Filming dates:
Rating: -/10

The Fabulous Joe


I only have a very limited amount of footage of this title; no review available.

Copyrighted August 29, 1947.
Part 2 of the Hal Roach Comedy Carnival (part 1 was Curley).
What the experts say
"NONE" ~ Lord Heath.

Walter Abel
Milo Terkel
Margot Grahame
Emily Terkel
Marie Wilson
Gorgeous Gilmore
Donald Meek
Henry Cadwallader, lawyer
Sheldon Leonard
Howard Petrie
George Baxter
Nana Bryant
Mrs. Belmont
Clarence Kolb
Cornelius Belmont II
John Miles
Cornelius Belmont III
Barbara Bates
Debbie Terkel
Donald MacBride
Lawyer Gilbert
Lucien Littlefield
Dorothy Christy
Al Bridge
Florida Club bartender
Eddie Hall
Flyer, party guest
Bob Burns
Courtroom spectator
Ellen Corby
Cathy, maid
Jimmie Dundee
Bess Flowers
Courtroom spectator
Sam Harris
Man at Union club
Stuart Holmes
Man at Union club
Mickey McBan
Patti Morgan
Girl friend
Noel Neill
Courtroom spectator
Tommy Noonan
Elevator boy
Frank O'Connor
Man in Terkel's office
Cyril Ring
Syd Saylor
Larry Steers
Courtroom spectator
Charlotte Wynters
Miss Hart, secretary

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