Series: All Star feature

Director: Edward Sedgwick
Producer: Edward Sedgwick, Hal Roach
Screenplay: Richard Flournoy, Arthur Vernon Jones
Photography: Milton R. Krasner
Editor: Jack Ogilvie
Sound: William Randall

Stars: Jack Haley, Betty Furness, Arthur Treacher, Raymond Walburn, Robert McWade, Rosina Lawrence, Monroe Owsley, Kathleen Lockhart, Edward Brophy
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 23 October 1936
Length: 8 reels
Production No.: F-9
Filming dates: 1936
Rating: -/10

Mister Cinderella

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Mr. G.W. Mason arrives at The Biltwell Hotel and heads straight for the barbers for a haircut. Joe Jenkins (JACK HALEY) is the employee who takes charge of the job and the two men engage in conversation but when Joe gets distracted by an end-of-shift bell he accidentally shaves off a massive chunk of Mason's hair. Joe pays a visit to Mr. Merriweather in his hotel apartment and tries to rouse him from a state of being drunk. Whilst Joe tries his best to wake up Merriweather, the company boss Mr. Randolph calls his daughter Patricia to arrange for Merriweather to go out for a dinner appointment. Patricia calls Merriweather's room and Joe takes the call. Thinking she is talking to Merriweather, she tells him to meet her for dinner at 8pm. The flustered (and besoted) Joe tries to convince Merriweather to keep the date but he insists he has to be somewhere else and so talks Joe into going to the dinner instead. As Patricia has never met her Merriweather she doesn't know what he looks like.
Merriweather leaves his apartment and is promptly knocked down by a car in the street. Meanwhile Joe attends the dinner engagement and fails to correct the host when he is assumed to be the expected Merriweather. His introduction to Patricia is through a conversation with her on the floor after he falls into her. After she introduces him to some guests, one of which loses part of her dress when Joe steps on it, she leads him off for dinner. After dinner (which we don't get to see) Patricia takes Joe out on a speedboat and stops in the middle of the ocean when they run out of gas. Joe has to paddle to an island owned by her father in order to try and get some gasoline but it's all a ploy to trap Joe inside a shack so as he cannot wander off. Patricia quickly returns to her boat to get away but is unable to leave because Joe has accidentally ripped out the leads which operate the boat, which renders her alone on the island with him.
Patricia tries to push her boat but falls into the sea. Soaking wet, she returns to the cabin, gives Joe a mouthful and kicks him out before getting out of her now-wet clothes (unfortunately we don't get to see that!) Moments later she screams for help because she sees a mouse. Joe rushes in to 'save' her but knocks over the stove and sets fire to the cabin. The next morning the two of them wake up on the beach having spent the night outside. Joe confesses he is not Merriweather, the man Patricia thought he was. After another argument they spot a small boat and hitch a ride to the mainland. When the two of them are seen together the gossip wagon begins.
Patricia takes Joe back to her house but they are collared by her father who demands an explanation as to why she is wearing the man's clothes. Patricia lies and tells him that the man is Merriweather. Mr. Randolph acts as though he is angry but secretly is overjoyed.

Copyrighted October 21, 1936.
Joe Jenkins' character is dubbed "Mister Cinderella" by Merriweather when he dresses him up to go to the dinner appointment in his place.
The couple who play Mr. & Mrs. Wilberforce were real-life husband and wife John Hyams and Leila McIntyre.

Jack Haley
Joe Jenkins
Betty Furness
Patricia Randolph
Arthur Treacher
Watkins, Randolph's butler
Raymond Walburn
Peter Randolph
Robert McWade
J.J. Gates
Rosina Lawrence
Maizie Merryweather
Monroe Owsley
Aloysius P. Merriweather
Fay Holderness
Pedestrian who witnesses accident
Kathleen Lockhart
Aunt Penelope Winfield
Edward Brophy
Detective McNutt
Charlotte Wynters
Tom Dugan
Spike Nolan
Iris Adrian
Lil, Maizie's friend
Bert Roach
Mr. G.W. Mason
Toby Wing
Lulu, the cashier
Antonio Filauri
Sam, the barber
Rex Moore
John Hyams
Mr. Wilberforce
Leila McIntyre
Mrs. Wilberforce
Harry Myers
Man at party helping splashed woman
Ellinor Vanderveer
Splashed woman at party
Morgan Wallace
Emmett Fawcett
Arthur Aylesworth
Mr. Simpson
Ernie Alexander
First taxi driver
Harry Bernard
Old Ford driver
Ralph Brooks
Martha's companion at party
Nick Copeland
Policeman calling for ambulance
Phyllis Crane
Gossiping woman
Jack Egan
Party guest
Bess Flowers
J.C. Fowler
Member of Board of Directors
Carlton Griffin
Member of Board of Directors
Eddie Hart
Randolph's chauffeur
George W. Jiminez
Member of Board of Directors
Charles Judles
Randolph's chef
Jack Kingsbury
Member of Board of Directors
G.L. McDonnell
Member of Board of Directors
William Newell
First hotel clerk
Stanley Price
Second hotel clerk
Syd Saylor
Mr. Fitch
Charles Sullivan
Second taxi driver
Bobbie Koshay

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Richard Finegan (screenshot of Phyllis Crane)

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