Series: All Star feature

Director: Edward Sedgwick
Producer: Edward Sedgwick, Hal Roach
Screenplay: Richard Flournoy, Arthur Vernon Jones
Photography: Milton R. Krasner
Editor: Jack Ogilvie
Sound: William Randall

Stars: Jack Haley, Betty Furness, Arthur Treacher, Raymond Walburn, Robert McWade, Rosina Lawrence, Monroe Owsley, Kathleen Lockhart, Edward Brophy
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 23 October 1936
Length: 8 reels
Production No.: F-9
Filming dates: 1936
Rating: -/10

Mister Cinderella


No review available.

Copyrighted October 21, 1936.

What the experts say
"NONE" ~ Lord Heath.

Jack Haley
Joe Jenkins
Betty Furness
Patricia Randolph
Arthur Treacher
Watkins, Randolph's butler
Raymond Walburn
Peter Randolph
Robert McWade
J.J. Gates
Rosina Lawrence
Maizie Merryweather
  Monroe Owsley
Aloysius P. Merriweather
  Kathleen Lockhart
Aunt penelope Winfield
Edward Brophy
Detective McNutt
  Charlotte Wynters
Tom Dugan
Spike Nolan
Iris Adrian
Lil, Maizie's friend
  Toby Wing
Lulu, the cashier
  Morgan Wallace
Emmett Fawcett
  Arthur Aylesworth
Mr. Simpson
  John Hyams
Mr. Wilberforce
  Leila McIntyre
Mrs. Wilberforce
Ernie Alexander
First taxi driver
Harry Bernard
Old Ford driver
Ralph Brooks
Martha's companion at party
  Nick Copeland
Policeman calling for ambulance
Phyllis Crane
Gossiping woman
Jack Egan
Party guest
Antonio Filauri
Sam, the barber
Bess Flowers
J.C. Fowler
Member of Board of Directors
Carlton Griffin
Member of Board of Directors
Eddie Hart
Randolph's chauffeur
George W. Jimenez
Member of Board of Directors
Charles Judles
Randolph's chef
Jack Kingsbury
Member of Board of Directors
G.L. McDonnell
Member of Board of Directors
Rex Moore
Harry Myers
Man at party helping splashed woman
William Newell
First hotel clerk
Stanley Price
Second hotel clerk
Bert Roach
Mr. G.W. Mason
Syd Saylor
Mr. Fitch
Charles Sullivan
Second taxi driver
Ellinor Vanderveer
Splashed woman at party
Bobbie Koshay


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Richard Finegan (screenshot of Phyllis Crane)

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