Series: Harold Lloydy

Director: Hal Roach, Alfred J. Goulding
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: Walter Lundin

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Wallace Howe
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 14 March 1920
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: L-5
Filming dates: August 9-23, 1919 & January 5-25, 1920
Rating: -/10

Haunted Spooks

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Some old geezer has kicked the bucket and left his mansion to his granddaughter but there's a stipulation in the will that she must live there for a year after he has passed. Unfortunately for her, her scheming uncle has plans to get his hands on the house if she fails. The lawyer delivers the news and conditions to the girl (Mildred Davis) which states she and her husband will inherit the plantation but she confesses she is not married. 'The other girl' (Marie Mosquini) is at her home when a lustful tennis player tries to woo her but her boyfriend (Harold Lloyd) is having none of it. She tells them both to ask her father if they want to marry her. The two men argue over who will go first and it's the rival who pitches his intentions before Harold intervenes and tells the dad that the other guy is dangerous on account of too many tennis racket hits to his head.
The father summons his kitchen staff who all rush to his assistance and take the nuisance suitor away. The father grants Harold his blessing to marry his daughter and Harold goes outside only to see the girl in the arms of another man. Harold finds a gun which has been dropped by a couple of kids messing about but when he contemplates shooting himself with it he discovers it's a water pistol. Determined to kill himself Harold stands in front of a street car but it avoids him, before walking to a local (Lincoln) park and throwing himself off a bridge into a lake with a rock tied around his neck. The water is only a couple of inches deep though so Harold tries a bigger bridge (in a different park, Hollenbeck). As he climbs to the top he is first asked for a match to light another man's cigarette, and then asked the time by a second gentleman. When he does finally make the jump he lands in a canoe with an elderly man. They argue and Harold runs off.
Harold continues his quest to kill himself and runs out in front of a car.


Favourite bit

Copyrighted March 8, 1920.
Also listed for March 31, 1920.
Dee Lampton died shortly after the first block of filming, in September 1919. This was his last film.
It was during the filming of this film that Harold Lloyd suffered his bomb accident which resulted in him losing some fingers.
Filming dates
Sources vary regarding initial filming from August 9-23, 1919, which seems to fit production L-4 instead. However, it's clear that some scenes show Lloyd before his hand was injured. Resumed filming started on January 5, 1920, and continued until either January 17 or 25, 1920, with possibly more filming on February 9, 1920.
My opinion
The number of intertitle cards on screen inside the first 3 minutes made this almost impossible to watch! Fans of Harold Lloyd (and I know there are at least three of them) will defend his films, but in reality they suck.

Harold Lloyd
The boy
Mildred Davis
The girl
Wallace Howe
The uncle
Ernest Morrison
Little boy
William Gillespie
The lawyer
Charles Stevenson
Romantic rival
Marie Mosquini
The other girl
Mark Jones
Kitchen staff
Noah Young
Dee Lampton
Fat butler
Sammy Brooks
Short butler
Gaylord Lloyd
Helen Gilmore
Oscar Larson
Fred C. Newmeyer
Edward Richards
Chase Thorne
Frank Terry
Don P. Young
John Warnack
Jack O'Brien
Harry Layton
Max Hamburger
Bob O'Conor
[as H.L. O'Connor]
Jerome LaPlanche
Boy with toy sword
[as Jerome LaPlauch]
Hal Berg
Estelle Harrison
Nina Speight
Marie Benson
Mabel Kroman
Kittoria Beveridge
Francis Spencer
Billy Burke
Ruth Reith
Gertrude Douglas
June Lovering
Carlton Chapman
Zetta Robson
[as Zetta Robinson]
Dorothea Wolbert
Herbert Crawford
William J. Horn
[as W.J. Horn]
Albert Maggi
Leonard Cloonan
Jack Tennant
Harry Paulfil
Karl Smith
Morris Kirdler
Eddie Warnack
Peggy Cartwright
Mrs. Cartwright
H. Wisenberg
Max White
Mike Siebert
Dave Smith
Madison Lacy
[as M.S. Lacey]
Jack Allen
Lulu Oliver
Henderson Cooper
J. Kern
Ethel M. Robinson
Lucile Johnson
Sarah Rozier
Matie B. Rozier
Mr. Harrison
[maybe Arthur Harrison?]
James Russell
M. Thomas
Ernest Morrison Sr.
[as Joe Morrison]
William Larsen
Gus Ivers
Charles Holmes
Frank Y. Karvai
Annette Hatten
[as Annette Hatton]
Blue Washington
Butler [as Ed Washington]
W.A. Clothen
Charles Diltz
Sam Lufkin
Bearded man in car

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