Series: Our Gang @ MGM

Director: Edward Cahn
Producer: Jack Chertok, Richard Goldstone
Screenplay: Hal Law, Robert A. McGowan
Photography: Jackson Rose
Editor: Albert Akst
Art director: Richard Duce

Stars: Robert Blake, Darla Hood, George McFarland, Carl Switzer, Billy Laughlin, Billie Thomas, Leonard Landy, Darwood Kaye
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 05 October 1940
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: 2686
Filming dates: April 22-25, 1940
Rating: 2/10

Waldo's Last Stand

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Waldo is selling fresh lemonade when the gang walk up to him and his stand. They each offer their opinion on his product, none of them being overly positive. So they propose to spruce up their barn and advertise the lemonade at two cents a pop. Their first potential customer - Froggy walks in and sits down but he doesn't want a drink. Spanky, posing as the waiter introduces a musical band of kids as a group of tapdancers led by Darla do a routine for him. Okay so that's the first half of the film in its entirety!
After the tapdancers are done Spanky repeats his offer of lemonade to a miserable-looking Froggy who again refuses. Mickey asks for lemonade on account that eating salted crackers has made him thirsty. This gives Spanky the idea to encourage others to do the same so that they will buy the drink. Spanky offers Froggy some free crackers as Alfalfa and co. start singing to him. Froggy stuffs cracker and after cracker into his mouth as he (and us) have to endure the awful melodic tones of Alfalfa singing not one, but TWO songs. Still nothing. Another dance number, with six girls and six boys as a heated lamp is placed under Froggy's chair in order to make him hot and thirsty. Nope! So Spanky asks why Froggy doesn't want any lemonade and he tells him it's because he doesn't have any money. More kids join in on the stage before finally everyone leaves. Spanky finally understands why nobody came to see their show... it's because every kid in town was in the show. What a crock.

Favourite bit
The tap dance sequence from the girls is about the only scene that stands out - and that is not saying much!

Film #194 in the series.
As of 2020 the copyright has not been renewed on this film.
Release number C-292.
My opinion
Oh my dear god. I'm traumatised.

Robert Blake
Darla Hood
George McFarland
Carl Switzer
Billie Thomas
Leonard Landy
Darwood Kaye
Billy Laughlin
Bobby Somers
Kid with record player
Ned Norman
Piano player
Kay Tapscott
Lead dancer
Helen Guthrie
Tap dancer
Patricia Wheeler
Tap dancer
Rae-Nell Laskey
Tap dancer
Lavonne Battle
Tap dancer
Loree Lee Foxx
Tap dancer
Shirley Jean Doble
Tap dancer / Florodora dancer
Donna Jean Edmondson
Tap dancer
Janet Burston
Clyde Willson
Patsy Irish
Florodora dancer
Maretta Light
Florodora dancer
Betty Jean Striegler
Florodora dancer
Jacqueline Krenk
Tap dancer / Florodora dancer
Patsy Anne Thompson
Floradora dancer
Mary Ann Such

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The Little Rascals: The Life And Times Of Our Gang by Leonard Maltin & Richard W. Bann (book)
Robert Peterson (identification of the 8 tap dancers)
Steve Wright (identification of Janet Burston)
Drina Mohacsi (help; identification of Betty Jean Striegler, Mary Ann Such, Jacqueline Krenk, Patsy Ann Thompson, Patsy Irish)

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