I'll Take Vanilla  
05 May 1934
sound short


Directors: Charley Chase, Eddie Dunn  Producer: Hal Roach  Cinematography: Francis Corby  Editor: William H. Terhune  Recording engineer: Harry Baker

Betty Mack is babysitting her nephew Tommy Bond and trying to get him to eat his spinach, which she knows is really broccoli.  When he protests she telephones her sister (the boy's mother) (Gertrude Astor) to tell her.  The mother says that if he eats his dinner then he can have some ice cream as a reward.  Cue Charley Chase, driving along in an ice-cream truck whilst singing merrily to a gramophone record he has in the wagon.  Betty spots him in the street and flags him down.  They sing their way through her asking for some vanilla ice-cream.  Finally, she buys some vanilla ice-cream and gives it to the brat she is looking after.  But no, he wants peach!
Charley is talked into going into the house when Betty asks him for a favour (he jokingly responds, "what flavour would you like?")  Inside, he is asked to change a large water cooler bottle on the kitchen floor.  After trying to impress his attractive customer, Charley cuts the leg of his trousers with a corkscrew whilst attempting to get the cork out of the top.  After fumbling around for a few moments, Charley somehow manages to get the bottle wedged into the top of his trousers as the water spills out down the inside of his clothes and onto the kitchen floor, with Betty looking on in sympathy.
The brat refuses to eat his ice-cream because it hasn't any nuts in it, and Betty phones his mother once again.  Charley threates to throttle the bastard but the brat warns him "I dare you!"  In the telephone conversation, the mother tells Betty to give the boy his medicine.  Junior overhears and rushes to the bathroom to substitute his medicine for

  Favourite bit

•The song that Charley sings is "Here Comes The Ice Cream Man".
Did you notice?
•When Gertrude Astor is talking on the telephone at the beginning of the film, you can see her right ripple poking through her dress.
There are eight bells in the ice-cream wagon.
After Betty Mack buys the vanilla ice-cream and walks off, Charley does a "Ben Blue" reaction.
•The sign on the side of the ice-cream wagon reads, "ICE CREAM in bulk, cones and bricks"
•After Tommy Bond hits Charley, watch as he momentarily breaks character by laughing.

Charley Chase
Charley Chase
Betty Mack
Tommy Bond
  Harry Bowen
Gertrude Astor
Junior's mother
James C. Morton
  Tiny Sandford
Big cop
  Charlie Hall
Little cop
Ellinor Vanderveer
Society woman


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