Series: Harold Lloyd

Director: Alf Goulding
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: Walter Lundin

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Snub Pollard
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 10 August 1919
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: L-70
Filming dates: December 30, 1918 - January 21, 1919
Rating: 3/10

Count Your Change

Drunken Billy Bullion (Snub Pollard) staggers down the street and then into a hotel before collapsing on the floor in his room to sleep. The wealthy Miss Flighty (Bebe Daniels) then checks into the hotel but she is pursued by a thief (Bud Jamison) who has his sights set on robbing her. Harold is thrown out of his lodgings by his angry landlady for owing a month's rent. After he visits a sandwich stall Harold steals a cooking sausage after distracting the cook but he is soon chased by a dog who is also keen to get his teeth into it. Harold gives chase but the dog outsmarts him at a fence. Harold eventually corners the dog in a yard and threatens it with a stick but the dog stands its ground and barks at Harold. Harold craps himself.
Harold conceals himself inside a large bin he finds on the street but the dog isn't stupid and pursues him all down the road until it sees a cat and runs off to chase it. Harold re-emerges from under the bin (and just leaves it there in the middle of the road) but the dog sees him and gives chase once more. Harold takes refuge in the hotel after he enters the room of Billy Bullion, who is still sleeping on the floor. The two men argue initially but when Billy drinks a glass of hair tonic it sends him batshit crazy. The dog finds its way into Miss Flighty's room, and then her bath. Meanwhile, the thief has also sneaked into the hotel and he robs Miss Flighty. Harold saves the day when he stumbles into her room and confronts the robber despite everybody (including the cops) doing their best to intervene.

Favourite bit
The scene with Harold trying to steal the sausage at the sandwich stall.

Copyrighted July 15, 1919.
Reissued August 8, 1926.
Yes, Bebe Daniels does her usual 'shocked with my mouth wide open' look into the camera again. It's just so predictable.
My opinion
Watching these Harold Lloyd films is just very slightly more appealing than the idea of suicide.

Harold Lloyd
Bebe Daniels
Miss Flighty
Snub Pollard
Billy Bullion
Bud Jamison
Sammy Brooks
Hotel guest/
Dee Lampton
Hotel guest
Dorothea Wolbert
Jerome LaPlanche
Newspaper boy
James Fitzgerald
Tall hotel guest
Wallace Howe
Cop #1
Fred Newmeyer
Hotel manager
James Parrott
Sandwich stall cook/
Elevator operator
Fred Jefferson
Sandwich stall customer/
Cop #2
Marie Mosquini
Hotel guest
Estelle Harrison
Hotel guest
Hazel Powell
Hotel guest
Vivian Gane
(as Vivian Martin)
Hotel guest
Lew Harvey
Hotel guest
Catherine Surtees
Hotel guest
Maynard Laswell
Hotel guest
Lige Conley
E.J. Ritter
Chase Thorne
Bob O'Conor
(as H.L. O'Connor)
N. McDaniels
Chai Hong


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The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd (book)
Steve Massa (identification of Chai Hong)
Jesse Brisson (all cast screenshots; identification of Wallace Howe, Fred Jefferson, James Parrott, Estelle Harrison, Marie Mosquini, Hazel Powell, Vivian Gane,
Lew Harvey, Maynard Laswell, Catherine Surtees and Fred Newmeyer)

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