Spring Fever
Series: Harold Lloyd Distribution: Pathé Exchange  Director: Hal Roach Cinematography: Fred L. Guiol
Production: L-82 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 29 June 1919 Length: 1-reel Titles: H.M. Walker


Snub Pollard is an unwanted suitor who turns up at the girl's (Bebe Daniels) house and leads her away despite her reluctance, but with the blessing of her mother.  Meanwhile at the office, the boy (Harold Lloyd) is moping around with his mind on other things.  Through the window Harold sees a couple on a lake rowing a canoe, which brings a joyful feeling to his day.  Taking a deep breath from the spring air in his lungs, Harold's distraction causes him rip up the payroll sheets handed to him by a work colleague.
After being shouted at by the other workers, Harold slips out of the office and heads for the nearby park.  After cavorting with a walking couple, he comes to the temporary aide of a pint-sized man sitting on a bench (Sammy Brooks) who is being harrassed by a much larger man.  After kicking the fat man off the bench and disposing of the smaller man head-first into a trash bin, Harold continues to cause trouble with a courting couple seated on another bench.
Snub and the girl are also at the park, but she ditches him the first opportunity she gets, whilst Harold torments another courting couple on a bench.
It doesn't take long before all the offended parties join forces in their annoyance at Harold.  He has ducked into a bush to take cover from the angry crowd, where he meets Snub's girl hiding.  Together they form an alliance to ditch the mob (and Snub) and emerge from the bushes to tell the crowd that the man they are seeking is lurking nearby, as they finger poor old Snub.
The couple head off to a café where a group of young ladies quickly take advantage of Harold's generosity by ordering everything on the menu.  Harold poses as a waiter to fleece an unsuspecting customer of his check money in order to pay his own bill.  Snub, meanwhile, has made his way to the same restaurant and makes his entrance via a misguided fist from Noah Young outside.  In fact, Snub's blow to the head is so substantial it leaves him virtually paralyzed.  Once again, Harold exploits the situation by manipulating him into paying for the bill.  The four ladies who have all eaten at the table get up and leave without so much as a "thank you".
Harold and the girl leave the restaurant and head for her house, where his boss arrives to tell Harold that he holds no blame for him running away and leaving the office.  The boss walks off with the mother as Harold kisses the girl.

Favourite bit
The sequence in the park where Harold Lloyd firstly kicks the fat man backwards off the bench, then dumps the small man upside down in a trash bin.

Production L-82 - Harold Lloyd series.
Copyrighted May 10, 1919.
Reissued July 16, 1922.

Filming dates
March 29 - April 7, 1919.

The first person seen in the film is Bebe Daniels.
The film takes place on Monday June 2nd, 1919 - as seen in the office calendar Harold Lloyd has.
The restaurant Harold takes the girl to is "The Busy Bee".
Bebe Daniels looks straight into the camera several times during the course of the film.
This was Mark Jones and Bob O'Conor's first known film for Hal Roach.
At least one source lists Wallace Howe, Bud Jamison, George K. Arthur and Ray Brooks as being in the film.

What the experts say
Not a lot.

Harold Lloyd
The boy
Snub Pollard
The unwelcome suitor
Bebe Daniels
The girl
Gus Leonard
The boss
Noah Young
Office worker
Sammy Brooks
Short man in park
Charles Stevenson
The Busy Bee counter man

Fred C. Newmeyer
Office colleague/
Old man with cane
Raye Hampton
Girl's mother
Bob O'Conor
Man on bench
Mark Jones
Man on bench
Dee Lampton
Fat man on bench
Marie Mosquini
Busy Bee waitress
Estelle Harrison
Mark Jones's girl
  Marie Benson
  Kittoria Beveridge
  Lige Conley
  E.J. Ritter
  Chase Thorne
  Bobby West
  Oscar Larson
Joe Mattice
Nye Williams
  Mildred Forbes
  Grace Madden
  Ruth DeSantis
  Grace DeSantis


Ben Model (identification of Charles Stevenson)
Steve Massa (identification of Fred Newmeyer)
Annette D'Agostino Lloyd (publication)
Jesse Brisson (help and information; identification of FCN as the old man)

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