Series: Eddie Boland

Director: Nicholas T. Barrows
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Eddie Boland, Ethel Broadhurst, George Rowe
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 11 September 1921
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: C-25
Filming dates: mid-1921
Rating: 3/10

On Their Way


The wife (Ethel Broadhurst) sits on a balcony with three of her friends discussing her husbands, whose wonderful limousine "is guaranteed to go 80 m.p.h. in any direction". In what appears to be a flashback scene, the husband (Eddie Boland) is seen on the beach with her before they get up and run off across the sand. Back in the present, Eddie is on a streetcar when he is challenged by the conductor to produce a valid ticket. Eddie is kicked off after he shows his ticket expired in 1906. He is then talked into buying a unique automobile, complete with built-in saucepans and coffee-making taps from a pushy salesman. He drives it home and honks the horn which brings his wife and her friends running outside excitedly but she quickly seems disappointed in what she sees, telling him that he has disgraced her.
Eddie and the wife take a drive into the country where a couple of hobos hitch a ride onto the back of their car. The car stops in a field where a band of gypsies have taken refuge. The head gypsy orders a cross-eyed gypsy to smack the intruders with a stick. He swings, misses, and instead hits and knocks the head gypsy into a river by accident. He soon follows after Eddie pushes him soon afterwards (see favourite bit). Eddie takes two eggs from the chickens hidden away in his modified car and starts to make breakfast which quickly attracts the attention of hungry hoboes. Eddie defends his food by attacking all of the interested parties nearby. The film ends when high winds tear the car apart, leaving the couple to walk off with nothing.

Favourite bit
George Rowe and Tiny Ward end up in a river.

Copyrighted September 7, 1921.
In October 2019, a copy of the film was uploaded to YouTube by The timecoded/watermarked print is in very good condition but is missing some scenes (Eddie Boland and Ethel Broadhurst on the beach in the flashback scene near the beginning, for example). The intertitles cards were also removed. This can be viewed here. Due to the superior picture quality of this print however, I have used some screenshots from it for this page despite the obvious watermarking.
Despite the very poor quality of the print I used for review, I have included the intertitle cards from the film at the bottom of this page. For what it's worth!

What the experts say
"When films are this crap it can take all day to get through the ten minutes required to review it!" ~ Lord Heath.

Eddie Boland
Ethel Broadhurst
George Rowe
Tiny Ward
Big gypsy
Chris Lynton
Streetcar conductor
Roy Brooks
Tall hobo
Sammy Brooks
Jean Hope
Gypsy with cooking pot
Wallace Howe
James T. Kelley
Bud Jamison
Gypsy/Hobo (?)
Mark Jones
Gypsy/Hobo (?)
Bob O'Conor
Gypsy/Hobo (?)
Vera White
Girl friend (?)




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Dave Glass (print)
Jesse Brisson (identification of James T. Kelley, Wallace Howe, Sammy Brooks, Jean Hope)

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