Series: Harold Lloyd

Director: Gilbert W. Pratt
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: Walter Lundin

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Snub Pollard
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 26 January 1919
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: L-46
Filming dates: July 8-16, and August 30, 1918
Rating: -/10

Going! Going! Gone!

Six young ladies are sitting on the grass listening to some old hag (Margaret Joslin) reading a book when they get up and wander off. They move to another spot and all take off their stockings as three of them take a hop into a creek. Their fun is short-lived when one of them (Marie Mosquini) finds a crab attached to her toe! One of the ladies (Bebe Daniels) runs off to seek assistance from two guys on a bicycle. Snub and Harold assist the removing of the crab but then the ladies quickly depart when they see their matron approaching. The guys are oblivious and Harold grabs her before realising his mistake. Snub and Harold leave as quickly as they arrived, with Snub steering the tandem as Harold sits in the back seat and relaxes whilst Snub sweats from all his hard work. They drive over a branch in the road which causes Harold to fall off and Snub to crash the bike.
Meanwhile, two villains steal a car and drive off down the road. The theft is reported to the sheriff (Bud Jamison), who sets off to apprehend the robbers with a band of men. Harold and Snub stop their bicycle to help the two villains, who tell them 'their' car has broken down. The two men get off their bike and help to push the car, as the two villains steal the bicycle and ride off on it. Stranded, Snub and Harold have no option than to use the car as their mode of transportation and so Snub drives off eratically with Harold running behind him trying to catch up. After a wild ride, eventually Harold jumps into the car and Snub crashes it causing a water leak. The sheriff and his men catch up with Snub and Harold and arrest them. The two villains with the bicycle stop by the sheriff's place when they see the young lady (Daniels) standing there. They immediately flirt with her, but she screams for help when their advances get a bit heavy. Snub and Harold slip away from the sheriff's men and rescue the girl and the real thieves are taken into custody.

Favourite bit
At the beginning of the film we see a lot of women taking off their stockings; Marie Mosquini shows more than just a little bit of leg when she reveals the crab on her toe as well!

Copyrighted December 4, 1918.
Reissued July 23, 1922.
There is a pretty badly beaten-up French print available with the title, "Une Excursion Mouvementée", which was used to review this film for the site.
As a hunch, the opening scene at the creek might have been filmed on the "extra" day of August 30, 1918, which was also the last day of filming Next Aisle Over, (a short for which Joslin and Mosquini, among others, appear and are both accounted for in the HLE).

Harold Lloyd
Bebe Daniels
Snub Pollard
Marie Mosquini
Girl who treads on crab
Estelle Harrison
Margaret Joslin
Sammy Brooks
Short sheriff's man
Dee Lampton
Man who points the way
Lew Harvey
Bud Jamison
William Gillespie
Gus Leonard
Elderly man
Emmylou Wallace
William Blaisdell
Harry Burns
Herbert Crawford
James Fitzgerald
Mildred Forbes
Max Hamburger
Oscar Larson
William Peterson
Catherine Surtees
Ethel Tryon
Tiny Ward
Billy Fay
Wallace Howe
Belle Mitchell
James Parrott


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The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd
Jesse Brisson (cast identification and help)
John Benson (assistance)
Jorge Finkielman (poster)

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