Series: Stan Laurel

Director: Hal Roach
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Robert Doran

Stars: Stan Laurel, Mildred Reardon, Margaret Joslin, Noah Young
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 08 December 1918
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: R-2
Filming dates: June 18-22, 1918
Rating: 4/10

Just Rambling Along

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Penniless Stan finds a wallet on the sidewalk but is slow to react when a kid he entices to pick it up finds the money inside and keeps it for himself. Despite his attempts to take the money, he is thwarted by the boy's father, a policeman (NOAH YOUNG) who is nearby. Meanwhile, a beautiful woman (MILDRED REARDON) in a bathing suit lures six gentlemen from the beach into a restaurant so that they will all spend their money in there. Stan gets caught up in the crowd but he is quickly evicted. The men won't leave the woman alone, always trying to sit down at any table with her when she attempts to find a place to eat. Stan gets the money from the boy by pretending to hold a gun to his back, forcing him to hand it over and then re-enters the restaurant. Stan effectively gets a free meal by tasting all the foods on the counter at the encouragement of the chef and pretending to dislike every item. Stan asks for a cup of coffee and proceeds in stealing food from the counter every time the chef turns around.
When he finally settles on a table to eat Stan sits down next to the attractive woman, but she switches her bill with his when he isn't looking, leaving him to pay for her more expensive dinner. Stan sits at the table, pulling lots of food out of his various pockets and hiding places. When he realises the woman has duped him with her more expensive ticket Stan tries to leave the restaurant on all fours but quickly crawls back inside when he sees the cop out on the sidewalk. Inside, Stan is physically ejected by the chef and the waiter straight into the arms of the waiting policeman outside who then starts beating him over the head with his baton.

Favourite bit
I don't know about my favourite bit but my least favourite bit was when Stan Laurel grabs Marie Mosquini's robe and covers up her leg with it. As I was watching the scene I said to myself, "do you mind, I was looking at that!"

Copyrighted September 27, 1918.
Originally scheduled for release November 3, 1918.
The name of the restaurant is the Blue Wave Cafeteria.
The opening scenes show a Venice Post Office, followed by a beachfront. So it is fair to conclude the film was shot there.
My opinion
It's an average Stan Laurel film, early in his career at Roach. His character is incredibly annoying in a story so basic in its plot.

Stan Laurel
Young man
Mildred Reardon
Pretty lady
Margaret Joslin
Older cashier
Noah Young
James Parrott
Bud Jamison
Harry Clifton
Restaurant patron
Emmylou Wallace
Young cashier
Max Hamburger
Jerome LaPlanche
Young boy
William Peterson
Marie Mosquini
(Stan covers her leg with her dress)
Dorothea Wolbert
(sitting with Marie Mosquini)
James Fitzgerald
Bob O'Conor
Alma Maxim
Eddie Peerson
Bunny Bixby
May Burns
Helen Fletcher
Wallace Howe
G. Hutchins
Bert Jefferson
Belle Mitchell
Herb Morris
Hazel Powell
Lillian Rothchild
A. Sanburg
Ada Saunders


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Laurel OR Hardy by Rob Stone (book)
Stan Without Ollie by Ted Okuda & James L. Neibaur (book) [credit for Eddie Peerson]
Jesse Brisson (additional information; identification of William Peterson, Marie Mosquini, Dorothea Wolbert,
Max Hamburger, James Fitzgerald, Jerome LaPlanche, Harry Clifton and Emmylou Wallace)

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