Mildred Reardon
born: 23 June 1896
Ottawa, Illinois,
United States of America
died: 20 July 1937
Middletown, Connecticut,
United States of America
(heart attack, age 41)
Brown-eyed, golden-haired American actress who died young. She was married to Sumner (or J.) Russell Hollander, Jr. (1899-1967), grandson of Boston department store founder L. P. Hollander, from 17 May 1920 (in Greenwich, CT) to her death. She was also known as "Lou Riordan."
Real name: Mildred L. Riordan Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


No Place Like Jail

Just Rambling Along
Pretty lady

Hustling For Health
Mr. Spotless's daughter

Hoot Mon!

"HOOT MON!" (1919)
Mildred Reardon is in the centre, to the right of Stan Laurel.

Mildred Reardon is second from the left.

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