Slightly Static
Series: Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly Distribution: MGM  Director: William H. Terhune  Cinematography: Hap Depew
Production: A-33 Type: Sound short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: Ray Snyder
Released: 07 September 1935 Length: 2-reels Sound recording: Warren B. Delaplain


Thelma and Patsy have travelled to New York to audition for a radio show but despite their enthusiasm, they are seemingly ignored by just about everybody they come in contact with.  Patsy seizes every possible opportunity to demonstrate her tap-dance skills, whilst Thelma tries hard to convince others of her own skills.
Mr. Campbell (Dell Henderson) confronts the station owner to complain that his son was considered untalented and rejected from the show.

Favourite bit

Production A-33 - Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly series.
Copyrighted August 20, 1935.
Filming dates
This was the 17th film in the series to be released.
The radio station L.O.C.O. broadcasts from New York City.

What the experts say
"XXX" ~ Lord Heath.

Thelma Todd
Patsy Kelly
Harold Waldridge
Elmer Campbell
Dell Henderson
Mr. Campbell
The Randall Sisters
Singing trio
(Shirley - Ruth - Bonnie)
Sons Of The Pioneers
Male singers
Carol Hughes
Telephone operator
Ben Taggart
Mr. Sidney
Louis Natheaux
First announcer
Ellinor Vanderveer
Stock company member
Bobby Burns
Stock company member
Carl M. Leviness
Stock company member
"...or a woodpecker!"
Harry Bowen
Orchestra leader
DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess - Nora Cecil
Beauty products announcer
Sydney Jarvis
Radio announcer
Brooks Benedict
Carlton Griffin
Radio M.C.

Jim Clewer (help and assistance)
Brent Seguine (identification of Brooks Benedict and Carlton Griffin)

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