Series: ZaSu Pitts & Thelma Todd

Director: Gus Meins
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Hap Depew
Editor: Louis McManus
Sound: James Greene

Stars: ZaSu Pitts, Thelma Todd, Billy Gilbert, Lucien Prival, Jack Clifford, Sterling Holloway
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 20 May 1933
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: A-16
Filming dates: March 1933
Rating: -/10

One Track Minds

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Copyrighted May 15, 1933.
The 17th and final film in the series.
Billy Bletcher has two roles: he is the passenger whose beard catches Spanky's toy plane, and he is also the passenger sitting directly in front of ZaSu.

Zasu Pitts
Thelma Todd
Billy Gilbert
Train conductor
Lucien Prival
Von Sternheim
Jack Clifford
Deaf beekeeper passenger
Sterling Holloway
Train snack salesman
Fred Holmes
Train passenger with toupee
Carl M. Leviness
Train passenger
Billy Bletcher
Passenger with whiskers/
Passenger whose seat is kicked by Thelma
Charlie Hall
Train passenger
George McFarland
Ernie Alexander
Train passenger
Baldwin Cooke
Train passenger
Lyle Tayo
Train passenger
Sammy Brooks
Train passenger
Jack Richardson
Von Sternheim's assistant
Russell Custer
Train passenger
Cy Slocum
Train passenger
Ed Brandenburg
Waiter on train
Bob Minford
Train passenger
Grace Woods
Train passenger
Ruth Adams
Train passenger
Helen Dale
Train passenger
Betty Danko
Train passenger

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Acknowledgements: (John Bengtson)
Brent Seguine (identification of Billy Bletcher, Carl M. Leviness)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Fred Holmes, Lyle Tayo, Sammy Brooks, Jack Richardson, Russell Custer, Cy Slocum, Ed Brandenburg, Bob Minford, Frace Woods, Betty Danko, Helen Dale, Ruth Adams)

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