Ladies Last
Series: All Stars with The Boy Friends Distribution: MGM  Director: George Stevens  Cinematography: Ernest 'Hap' Depew
Production: S-34 Type: Sound short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: Richard Currier
Released: 06 December 1930 Length: 2-reels Dialogue: H.M. Walker Sound recording: Elmer Raguse


The film opens with the guys and gals on the beach at night. A discussion takes place about the boys being forced to wear tuxedos for a dance the following night, which Mickey has promised to do for Mary, but Alabam and Dave are not so keen. Dave calls over the other guys and protests that the men have to put their foot down at some point and stand up to the girls who make their demands and so suggests they boycott the girls for one week to teach them a lesson. The next morning the telephone rings at the boys' beach-front apartment and they all rush to answer it excitedly. Dave, hoping it is one of the girls is disappointed to find it is a wrong number.
As the girls fail miserably to set up their place with decorations and balloons, they decide to call the boys. Mary asks Mickey if he is supposedly her boyfriend, but when Mickey replies that he is, the other guys gang up on him. Mickey disconnects the call without the others noticing but then pretends to carry on talking to Mary and giving her a real ear-full! Mary goes round to confront Mickey whilst the boys congratulate him for his commitment not to give in to her. When Mary shows up outside whilst Mickey is still allegedly talking to her over the telephone the boys attack him. Mary does likewise before storming off. Gertie summons the attention of Alabam when she pretends her car is out of gas. He is almost suckered into helping her until Dave and his friends intervene and prevent him from doing so. Gertie drives off in a huff - taking out a laundry man on the sidewalk in the process.
Dave and Alabam wander into town and assault a man in a phone booth, thinking it is Mickey. The man is actually Edgar Kennedy, talking to his wife and he doesn't take kindly to the interruption - and it's poor Mickey who feels his wrath. The guys later arrive at the girls' house where a party is in full swing. The guys are not pleased to see the girls dancing with men, all wearing tuxedos (they don't realise they are in fact mannequins). Dave is jealous at what he sees and the girls take full advantage of the situation by engaging in romantic conversation with the dummies knowing the guys are outside and can see and hear everything.
The guys have seen enough and leave. Just then, two thugs show up and hold the girls at gunpoint. Mickey sneaks into the house and quickly discovers the "men" are dummies and begins to start hitting them, much to the delight of the guys watching on from outside. Unfortunately for him one of the gunmen (Leo Willis) pretends to be a dummy and when Mickey hits him, well... it doesn't end well for Mickey. The rest of the guys run into the house (including Alabam who has had a firecracker placed in his trousers pocket which goes off like a gun). Eventually the girls come downstairs to find a pile of dummies stacked up in the middle of the room. The cops come in and find the two crooks. The final scene has Alabam claiming that the firecracker almost blew his brains out before we see his smoking pants (an old gag constantly re-used with Hal Roach).

Favourite bit
Gertrude Messinger driving the car away in a hurry along the sidewalk and a laundry man carrying a basket having to dive out of her way to avoid being mowed down.

Production S-34 - All Star series with The Boy Friends.
Copyrighted October 1, 1930.
Filming dates
July 7-25, 1930.
This was the third film in the series to be released.
That is quite a revealing opening shot of Dorothy Granger lying on the sand!

Seriously, does David Sharpe have to keep flying around the screen in every film he appears in? Okay the guy was athletic but for christs sake!
Mary has a caricature of Mickey on her trousers.

What the experts say
"Well, that was a whole lotta nothing!" ~ Lord Heath.

David Sharpe
Grady Sutton
Mickey Daniels
Gertrude Messinger
Mary Kornman
Dorothy Granger
Richard Cramer
Arresting policeman
Leo Willis
Tall thug
Dick Gilbert
Short thug
Edgar Kennedy
Man in phone booth
Silas D. Wilcox
  L.J. O'Connor
  Helen McGowan
  Blaine Comer


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