Men In Fright
Series: Our Gang Distribution: MGM  Director: George Sidney  Cinematography: ?
Production: N/A Type: Sound short Producer: Jack Chertok  Editor: ?
Released: 15 October 1938 Length: 1-reel Screenplay: Hal Law, Robert McGowan Story: Carl Dudley, Marty Schwartz


Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Porky pay Darla a visit whilst she is recovering in hospital from having her tonsils out. The boys hitch a lift to the tenth floor in the elevator where they are joined by Gary and Leonard. Carrying a large hamper basket full of candy, they plan to offer Darla the goods knowing full well she cannot eat it, and then eat it for themselves. They enter Darla's room whilst Alfalfa waits outside with the basket. There he is confronted by another kid (Sonny Bupp) who has just been admitted to the hospital against his will. Sonny offers Alfalfa a dime in exchange for his clothes so that he can escape. Alfalfa takes the bait - and the kid's place. Not long after, the orderly comes in and takes Alfalfa to the operating theatre for his operation, unaware of the switch and ignoring Alfalfa's claims.
Gary (Jasgur) has sneaked under the trolley escorting Alfalfa and sets of the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) cannister in the elevator. When the door opens, the operator (Ray Turner) and orderly (Jack Rice) emerge acting odd (putting it mildly). Alfalfa is completely off his tits and after claiming not to know the others, he runs amok, riding on trolleys and then swinging from Darla's light. When he falls and lands on the floor he bumps a water jug which pours over his head, restoring him to his normal state. A nurse with ice cream enters Darla's room and offers all the boys some. After consuming that, they start to work on the contents of their basket. Greedily eating all the food (some of the shots are just completely pig-like!) They get their comeuppance through their greed and all end up with indigestion and are taken to a ward to await medical care - and some castor oil. The film ends with the irony of Darla being discharged and telling the boys she will come and visit them tomorrow.

Favourite bit
When Alfalfa emerges from the elevator whilst under the influence (of laughing gas), he claims not to know the others. Spanky remarks, "Gosh, they must have taken his brains out!" (as opposed to his tonsils).

Our Gang short film for MGM.
Filming dates
This was film #173 in the series; the fourth entry for MGM.
Darla is in room 1004.
When the nurse comes into the room with the tray of ice creams, the only one to say thank you is Darla. The rest are greedy animals with no manners.
Is there really any point in Leonard Landy actually being in the film? He doesn't have one line of dialogue and simply tags along in the background. Seems pointless. The same could be said for Gary Jasgur.

What the experts say
"A decent film which moves along at a good pace." ~ Lord Heath.

Darla Hood
Eugene 'Porky' Lee
George 'Spanky' McFarland
Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer
Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas
Gary Jasgur
Leonard 'Percy' Landy
Barbara Bedford
Sonny's mother
Margaret Bert
Nurse at front desk
Sonny Bupp
Don Castle
Mack, hospital orderly
Nell Craig
Maternity ward nurse
Bess Flowers
Darla's mother
Mary MacLaren
Nurse with ice cream
Jack Rice
Charley, hospital orderly
Ray Turner
Elevator operator


This is the opening shot of the film, depicting the hospital. It is most likely stock footage?

The Little Rascals: The Life And Times Of Our Gang by Leonard Maltin & Richard W. Bann (book)

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