Series: Harold Lloyd

Director: Harold Lloyd, J. Farrell McDonald
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Walter Lundin
Editor: Della Mullady

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Snub Pollard, Bud Jamison
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 09 September 1917
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: L-1
Filming dates: June 7-19, 1917
Rating: -/10

Over The Fence

Ginger (Harold Lloyd) is stacking boxes on a shelf in a rather unorthodox fashion (throwing them from a distance and making them stack properly), under the nose of the boss (Bud Jamison). Whilst "Snitch" (Snub Pollard) attends to a female customer he cuts the jacket of another customer (Gus Leonard) when he is distracted and is reprimanded by Ginger, who finds tickets to a baseball game in the gentleman's ruined jacket pocket. As Ginger telephones his girl to invite her to the game, Snitch steals the tickets from his waistcoat without him seeing.
Later, Ginger meets his girl (Bebe Daniels) at the stadium only to discover he has lost the tickets. As he frantically searches for them, Snitch shows up (with the tickets he stole from Ginger) and gladly takes the girl into the stadium. Ginger's attempts to enter are thwarted by a gate man who turns him away but when Ginger tries to sneak in around the back, a ball player sees him and puts him in the game. At the ninth inning, and with the game tied, Ginger takes to the bat, swings and hits the ball hard. It looks as though he is about to make a home run and win the game but instead chooses to go into the crowd to confront Snitch, who is sitting with Ginger's girl. Fists are thrown and even the boss gets in on the action (where did he come from?) The fight spills out onto the field, with the players getting involved before Ginger knocks them all down and wins back the girl.

Favourite bit
Right at the very beginning: it's the look on Bud Jamison's face - one of bemused expression as Harold Lloyd is throwing boxes across the room and having them conveniently stack themselves neatly on the shelving.

Copyrighted August 25, 1917.
This was the first film in the Harold Lloyd series after the end of the 'Lonesome Luke' series.
Reiussed September 4, 1921.
Snub cuts the jacket of a customer with a pair of scissors without even looking where he is going, which is just unprofessional of him!
The umpire, J. Darsie 'Foxy' Lloyd was Harold Lloyd's real father.
Bebe Daniels' character is so fickle. She agrees to go to the game with Harold Lloyd, but when a better offer comes along (Snub Pollard) she takes his arm and accepts him instead. Hmmm, better watch out for that one, I think!
Harold Lloyd hits Snub with his left hand, but when he swings the bat he is right-handed.

Harold Lloyd
Ginger, a tailor
Bebe Daniels
Ginger's girl
Snub Pollard
Bud Jamison
The boss
Gus Leonard
Man at ticket booth/
James Darcie Lloyd
Billy Fay
Oscar Larson
Gus Leonard
Fred Newmeyer
Rudolph Bylek
Golda Madden
Mabel Ballard
Sammy Brooks
Elmer Ballard
David Voorhees
Max Hamburger
Dorothea Wolbert
Maybelle Beringer
Loretta Dray
Clara Dray
Zetta Robson
Lena Morris
Joseph Kelly
Henrietta (Molly) Thompson
Lois LaPearl
William Blaisdell
Ray Kellerman
Cora Nye
Della Mullady
Nina Speight
Margaret Joslin


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