Series: Harold Lloyd

Director: Fred Jefferson
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: Walter Lundin

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Snub Pollard
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 12 May 1918
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: L-24
Filming dates: January 17-23, 1918
Rating: -/10

The Non-Stop Kid

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Harold Lloyd peeks over the brick fence of Bebe Daniels' place, where, to his dismay, the poor girl is being hounded by a group of seven "plug-hat billikens" (two of whom are James Parrott and M.J. McCarty). Wanting to rid of them, Bebe hatches an idea to blindfold her suitors with the promise that "whoever catches [her] may stay for tea." The men blindfold themselves and are spun around, stumbling and twirling to Harold's amusement as Bebe hides. This sight raises the ire of Bebe's father, Mr. Wiggle (William Blaisdell), and the men are booted one by one, crashing into Harold as he attempts to sneak in. Bebe is found and reprimanded by her father, to whom she sticks her tongue out when his back is turned. Harold finds a horseshoe hanging on the gate door and stuffs it in his trousers for luck as he sneaks in to make time with Bebe, who cries about her predicament. Harold dries her tears and wrings the soaked cloth, but as they begin to act cute, father enters the scene. Alas, the horseshoe does not bring the boy luck, as he accidentally tosses it and it conks a cop (Gus Leonard). When Wiggle gives chase, the cop accidentally clobbers him. Harold peeks over the fence once again and we discover that Wiggle has promised his daughter's hand in marriage to "Prof. M. T. Noodle, D.D.X.L.N.T." Harold tosses some pebbles to grab Bebe's attention, but when this fails, he tosses a bigger rock - and inadvertently hits Wiggle. When Harold peeks up again, he promptly gets his.
On a quest to find Noodle, Harold happens upon a pair of professors (Sammy Brooks and Gus Leonard again) greeting each other. He asks the hard-of-hearing Leonard if he is Professor Noodle, but a look at his card confirms otherwise and the disgusted Harold shoves Leonard's face. He then happens upon a burly man (I think this is Harry Clifton) carrying a suitcase reading "Prof. Fay." After a dialogue where a pestering Harold gets tough, he finds that the back of the suitcase reads "Boxing Instructor." Harold backs down from the threatening Prof. Fay, but when he turns, Harold kicks him in the rear and takes off. Contemplating defeat, Harold sits on a fire hydrant when he is approached by a man (Chris Lynton) asking for directions to the Wiggle residence. Harold is at first dismissive, but sees his card and discovers that the man is Professor M. T. Noodle. Harold acts cordial and takes the Professor's arm, leading him towards a policeman (Marvin Loback). Harold kicks the cop's rear and makes Noodle laugh - the cop, thinking Noodle is the culprit, bops him with his truncheon. Harold carries the dazed Professor behind a fence, swiping his suit and adding a small fake mustache.
The "combination 5 o'clock tea and bean-bag social" is underway at the Wiggle house. Harold is greeted at the door by butler Snub Pollard, who accidentally stamps on Harold's foot. After Harold introduces himself as "Professor Noodle, inventor of the winding soup," he and Snub march in. Mr. Wiggle cordially greets the disguised Harold as he stumbles on the carpet. He is introduced to Bebe, who acts dismissive until Harold reveals himself when father's back is turned. Harold sits by Helen Gilmore as they both take tea from the maid. Harold and Bebe act cutesy from across the room, leading the distracted boy to overfill his neighbor's tea with sugar cubes. In turn, the equally distracted Gilmore, talking to a lady friend, puts salt (intended for her sandwich) into Harold's tea as he sniffs a rose. Both react poorly upon sipping, Harold more so to the delight of Bebe and Snub, who gathers himself when Wiggle re-enters. Wiggle invites Harold up to sing. Introducing "Scotti's Serenade to the Bullfrog," he gets off to a rough start before eyeing a phonograph behind a curtain. Problem solved - only to have to record stopped by an annoyed Snub, who is dusting. The two briefly conspire to restart, but Snub accidentally shatters the record and puts on a "skirt dance" number, forcing Harold to once again improvise, swaying to the confusion of the other guests.
The real Noodle arrives at the party, dressed in Harold's clothes. When he makes himself known, the now red-hot Wiggle smacks at Harold, but hits Noodle instead. Harold hides behind the piano and sneaks out through an opening at the bottom - as Wiggle is perched at the top looking down, Harold shoves him. Harold escapes, pursued by the father and Bebe as the two men circle around a column and leap frog over a passing Sammy Brooks. Harold runs off as the father continues running around, continually shoving down Sammy as the poor little guy puts his dukes up. Harold runs back to the house and grabs a crying and initially recalcitrant Bebe, to "find a Vegetarian minister and be married!" In a slightly pointless but well-executed gag, the two tap a chauffeured car. Harold opens the door, but as they kiss, the car takes off and the two unknowingly climb into another one that pulls up in the same spot. The two lock lips again, with Bebe now wearing half of Harold's fake mustache. He puts the other half on her and she briefly makes a face as the two laugh, their affection victorious.

Favourite bit
When Mr. Wiggle (Blaisdell) chases Harold around a square pillar in the street, poor little Sammy Brooks gets in their way. They use and abuse him by leapfrogging him, knocking his hat off and shoving him out of the way. When the poor guy dares to protest, Mr. Wiggle just shoves him in the face, down to the ground! Cruel, but funny!

Copyrighted June 1, 1918.
Reissued January 15, 1922.
At least one source lists Gilbert Pratt as the director.
Snub Pollard doesn't show up until 6½ minutes into the film.
My opinion

Harold Lloyd
The boy
Bebe Daniels
The girl (Miss Wiggle)
Snub Pollard
Snub, the butler
William Blaisdell
Mr. Wiggle (Bebe's father)
Chris Lynton
Professor M.T. Noodle
Gus Leonard
Cop hit by horseshoe/
Professor on street/
Party guest
Sammy Brooks
Short professor on street
Harry Clifton
Professor Fay
Marvin Loback
Cop kicked by Harold
Helen Gilmore
Party guest next to Harold
M.J. McCarty
Max Hamburger
Lew Harvey
James Parrott
Hazel Powell
Party guest
Dorothea Wolbert
Party guest
Jane Blyler
Corinne Bradford
Florence Brewster
Billy Fay
Estelle Harrison
Maynard Laswell
Grace Madden
Belle Mitchell
Lulu Novello
Charles Stevenson
Ethel Tryon


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