Series: Vanity Fair Girls w/Eddie Boland

Director: Nicholas T. Barrows
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Eddie Boland, Ethel Broadhurst
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 20 February 1921
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: C-12
Filming dates: December 7-15, 1920
Rating: 2/10

Prince Pistachio

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"The plumber, For only $6.00 per hour he will ruin anything from a push-button to a pipe-organ." Eddie Boland grabs his rollerskates and heads off to see a woman customer about a gas leak. He rolls down the middle of the road, obliviously holding up the traffic behind him before arriving. He 'parks' his skates at the side of the road and goes inside her house. She tells him, "I can't understand the leak - I put in all modern plumbing in 1888." He conducts a series of tests which for some reason requires a lighted match, and well... you can guess the rest. The explosion sends him flying to a far away land called Saxophonia where the wise men of Alla Ga-Zam await the long expected arrival of Prince Pistachio. He first meets a magician called Jazzo de Gordonzola (I think this may be Bob O'Conor) who instructs him to hide inside a trunk before he is introduced to Princess Paprika. He reluctantly obliges and the princess enters the room. The magician conjures his trick and Eddie is released from the trunk and is surrounded by adoring women. One in particular takes a shine to him but the magician casts a spell on her. Eddie lights a match on her back, thus ending any future relationship plans they may have had! Two more women sit on either side of Eddie, but he crashes their heads together under the spell of the magician. The next girl is throttled by Eddie; and the next (Jean Hope) is on the receiving end of a trick where a chicken is produced from an egg. The next victim is Eddie himself when he goes to put a mouse down the back of the dress of the woman who has sat down beside him, but instead, he drops it down the sleeve of his own arm and runs off excitedly. The real prince then arrives and orders Eddie's execution, and all the girls swarm to help him after the guys kick the crap out of him. Eddie makes his escape on an elephant, instructing the servant that he and his new "bride" are going to the Patootie Islands for their honeymoon.

Favourite bit
The scene where Eddie attempts to put a mouse down the back of a woman's dress backfires when he ends up putting the creature down his own sleeve instead!

Copyrighted March 9, 1921.
The twelfth film in the series. There would be two more films released under the Vanity Fair Girls series before Eddie Boland assumed the series lead on his own.
My opinion
It's an Eddie Boland comedy - try not to have high expectations!

Eddie Boland
Prince Pistachio
Ethel Broadhurst
Princess Paprika
Bob O'Conor
Jazzo de Gorgonzola
Lilymae Wilkinson
Match-striking victim
Jean Hope
Chicken and egg victim
Molly Thompson
Gas leak customer
Harold Adkins
Dagmar Dahlgren
Bruce Gordon
Wallace Howe
Dolores Johnson
Julie Leonard
Noah Young


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Jesse Brisson (identification of Lilymae Wilkinson, Ethel Broadhurst and Molly Thompson)

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