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    A Man About Town    
    Director:  George Jeske
Producer:  Hal Roach
Assistant director:  Clarence Hennecke
Cinematography:  Frank Young
    Hal Roach Studios/Pathé Exchange
16 September 1923
silent short/1 reel
  ....... The film opens with the conductor of a street car (Sam Lufkin) collecting tickets from the passengers.  After he takes the fares of three passengers (one man and two large women), an arm protrudes from behind the two women, offering his fare.  It is Stan, a drifter - the man about town as so described by the title of the film - who is seemingly squashed between the two ladies.  When they realise he is buried between them, they move up and give him some room.  Stan asks the ticket collector where he has to change cars and is told to follow a female passenger (Katherine Grant), as she will soon be getting off.
The young lady stands up, giving the impression that she is getting ready to dismount the car which prompts Stan to stand, but she adjusts her clothing and sits back down again.  Stan copies her.

Favourite bit    

•Filmed May 15-22, 1923.  Retakes May 25, 1923. [source: Rob Stone]
•Copyrighted August 11, 1923.
Did you notice?
•Sam Lufkin is seen briefly as the first conductor of the street car, who takes Stan's fare.

Stan Laurel
Man about town
James Finlayson
Store detective
Katherine Grant
The girl
George Rowe
Cross-eyed barber
Mark Jones
Cross-eyed barber
Eddie Baker
Sammy Brooks
Short man with hat
Sam Lufkin
Streetcar conductor [opening scene]
Sunshine Hart
Streetcar passenger
Owen Evans
Streetcar passenger
  Charles Stevenson
Shop assistant

Acknowledgements & sources:
Steve Rydzewski (identification of Owen Evans and Sunshine Hart)

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