Series: Lonesome Luke

Director: Hal Roach
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Walter Lundin

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Snub Pollard
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 03 December 1916
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: A-15
Filming dates: July 6-7, 1916
Rating: 1/10

Luke's Movie Muddle

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Luke is a theatre employee who tries to put out a board to advertise the next attraction at the venue but gets some grief from a passing cop. A customer purchases a ticket and Luke suddenly becomes the promoter, the ticket clerk, the doorman and usher all at once, showing the gentleman to his seat inside. Luke returns to the front desk to find Bebe Daniels waiting. He admits her free and seats her, stealing the other customer's handkerchief to wipe her seat before she sits down. Luke then returns to the front where a group of people have now queued up. He takes them all inside and aggressively throws them into their seats and returns to attend to Bud Jamison who has arrived with his wife. Luke takes the wife inside as Bud finds his way to the projectionist Snub Pollard who is getting all tangled up in the reels of film he is suppoed to be showing.
Drunken Earl Mohan shows up and finds the front desk empty so helps himself to a roll of tickets and uses them to gain entry. Luke is rude to everybody inside the theatre as they try to take their seats before he turns his attention to the projectionist. Next up we have a pipe smoking, fake-beard wearing customer who buys a ticket and goes inside where the packed house sit and watch the film on the big screen. The projectionist appears to have fallen asleep so Luke goes and kicks him. The projectionist falls against the film causing it to speed up and cause the audience to complain. He then for some strange reason decides to crack an egg into a frying pan (what??) which causes a fire and everybody runs out in a panic. When the dust finally clears Luke goes back inside and throttles the projectionist as both men sit on the floor.

Favourite bit
Sit down!

The 44th film in the series.
Also known as "Luke's Model Movie" and "Director Of The Cinema".
One of the very few remaining films in the Lonesome Luke series to have survived.
My opinion
An absolute mess of a film. Not one funny moment and an annoying lead character. With a running time of 10 minutes it is 9 minutes too long.

Harold Lloyd
Theatre manager
Bebe Daniels
Theatre patron
Snub Pollard
Bud Jamison
Aggressive theatre patron
Billy Fay
Customer with pipe
Earl Mohan
Drunk who steals tickets
Margaret Joslin
Fat theatre patron
Dee Lampton
Fat theatre patron
Charles Stevenson
Fred Newmeyer
Sammy Brooks
Harry Todd
Ray Robertson
Harvey L. Kinney
H.L. (Bob) O'Connor
Hilda Limbeck
Estelle Harrison
Gertrude Short
Jewel Mason
Peggy Heinse
Eva Thatcher
J.J. Martin


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