Series: Lonesome Luke

Director: Hal Roach
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Walter Lundin

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Snub Pollard, Charles Stevenson
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 19 November 1916
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: A-12
Filming dates: May 31 - June 3, 1916
Rating: -/10

Luke, Patient Provider

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The 42nd film in the series.
Also known as "Luke The Patient Provider"
This film is considered as lost.
Working title: "Lonesome Luke, Calamity Merchant".

Harold Lloyd
Lonesome Luke
Bebe Daniels
Snub Pollard
Charles Stevenson
Billy Fay
Fred Newmeyer
Sammy Brooks
Harry Todd
Bud Jamison
Margaret Joslin
Earl Mohan
Winna Browne
Estelle Harrison
Dee Lampton

The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd (book)

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