(including "Willie Work" and "Lonesome Luke" series)
This is a complete list of the films / series made by Hal Roach where Harold Lloyd was the featured star.
**Hello Teacher (1918) and Love's Young Scream (1919) were intended to be part of the series but Lloyd did not appear in the film due to a contract dispute.

Screenshots from some of the films can be found on this page.

See here for a complete list of Lloyd's existing films, compiled by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd:


(all Rolin - all unreleased)
A Duke For A Day
A Self Made Nut
The Fall Of Lady Sampson
A Shrine For A Dime
A Barber For A Day
A Dusty Romance
Troubles Of The Work Family

Opium Fire
Two Bum Heroes / Two Born Heroes
A Smell There Was
Willie Works The Harem

1915 (all Rolin)
Willie Runs The Park
Pete The Pedal Polisher
Close-Cropped Clippings
Beyond His Fondest Hopes

Just Nuts

*titles in red did not feature Harold Lloyd. 


(all Rolin/Pathé)

Spitball Sadie
Terribly Stuck Up
A Mixup For Mazie
Some Baby
Fresh From The Farm
Giving Them Fits
Bughouse Bellhops
Tinkering With Trouble
Great While It Lasted
Ragtime Snap Shots
A Foozle At The Tee Party
Ruses, Rhymes And Roughnecks
Peculiar Patients' Pranks
Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster

1916 (all Rolin/Pathé)
Lonesome Luke Leans To The Literary
Luke Lugs Luggage
Lonesome Luke Lolls In Luxury
Luke, The Candy Cut-Up
Luke Foils The Villain
Luke And The Rural Roughnecks
Luke Pipes The Pippins
Lonesome Luke, Circus King
Luke's Double
Them Was The Happy Days
Luke And The Bomb Throwers
Luke's Late Lunchers
Luke Laughs Last
Luke's Fatal Flivver
Luke's Society Mix-Up
Luke's Washful Waiting
Luke Rides Roughshod
Luke, Crystal Gazer
Luke's Lost Lamb
Luke Does The Midway
Luke Joins The Navy
Luke And The Mermaids
Luke's Speedy Club Life
Luke And The Bangtails
Luke, The Chauffeur
Luke's Preparedness Preparations
Luke, The Gladiator
Luke, Patient Provider
Luke's Newsie Knockout
Luke's Movie Muddle
Luke, Rank Impersonator
Luke's Fireworks Fizzle
Luke Locates The Loot
Luke's Shattered Sleep

1917 (all Hal Roach/Pathé)
Luke's Lost Liberty
Luke's Busy Day
Luke's Trolley Troubles
Lonesome Luke, Lawyer
Luke Wins Ye Ladye Faire
Lonesome Luke's Lively Life
Lonesome Luke On Tin Can Alley
Lonesome Luke's Honeymoon
Loneseome Luke, Plumber
Stop! Luke! Listen!
Lonesome Luke, Messenger
Lonesome Luke, Mechanic
Lonesome Luke's Wild Women
Lonesome Luke Loses Patients
Lonesome Luke In Birds Of A Feather
Lonesome Luke In From London To Laramie
Lonesome Luke In Love, Laughs And Lather
Lonesome Luke In Clubs Are Trump
Lonesome Luke In We Never Sleep


(all Hal Roach/Pathé)
Over The Fence
By The Sad Sea Waves
Rainbow Island
The Flirt
All Aboard
Move On
Step Lively

1918 (all Hal Roach/Pathé)
The Tip
The Big Idea
The Lamb
Hello Teacher**
Hit Him Again
Beat It
A Gasoline Wedding
Look Pleasant, Please
Here Come The Girls
Let's Go
On The Jump
Follow The Crowd
Pipe The Whiskers
It's A Wild Life
Hey There!
Kicked Out
The Non-Stop Kid
Two-Gun Gussie
Fireman, Save My Child
The City Slicker
Sic 'Em Towser
Somewhere In Turkey
Are Crooks Dishonest?
An Ozark Romance
Kicking The Germ Out Of Germany
That's Him
Bride And Gloom
Two Scrambled
Bees In His Bonnet
Swing Your Partners
Why Pick On Me?
Nothing But Trouble
Hear 'Em Rave
Take A Chance
She Loves Me Not

1919 (all Hal Roach/Pathé)
Wanted $5,000
Love's Young Scream**
Going! Going! Gone!
Ask Father
On The Fire
I'm On My Way
Look Out Below!
The Dutiful Dub
Next Aisle Over
A Sammy In Siberia
Just Dropped In
Crack Your Heels
Ring Up The Curtain
Young Mr. Jazz
Si, Senor
Before Breakfast
The Marathon
Back To The Woods
Pistols For Breakfast
Swat The Crook
Off The Trolley
Spring Fever
Billy Blazes, Esq.
Just Neighbors
At The Old Stage Door
Never Touched Me
A Jazzed Honeymoon
Count Your Change
Chop Suey And Company
Heap Big Chief
Don't Shove
Be My Wife
The Rajah
He Leads, Others Follow
Soft Money
Count The Votes
Pay Your Dues
His Only Father
Bumping Into Broadway
Captain Kidd's Kids
From Hand To Mouth


(all Hal Roach/Pathé)
His Royal Slyness
Haunted Spooks
An Eastern Westerner
High And Dizzy
Get Out And Get Under
Number, Please?

1921 (all Hal Roach/Pathé)
Now Or Never
Among Those Present
I Do
Never Weaken
A Sailor-Made Man

1922 (all Hal Roach/Pathé)
Grandma's Boy
Dr. Jack

1923 (all Hal Roach/Pathé)
Safety Last!
Why Worry?