Hold My Baby!
Hal Roach/Pathé Exchange
2 reels

Series: Glenn Tryon
Released: 26 April 1925
Prod. No. G-6
Filmed: Dec. 27, 1924 - Jan. 15, 1925
My rating: 4/10

Director: James W. Horne    Producer: Hal Roach    Titles: H.M. Walker    Photography: Robert Doran    Editor: Richard C. Currier    Supervising director: F. Richard Jones   

Cast: Glenn Tryon, Blanche Mehaffey, Jackie Hanes, Al Hallett

Plot summary:
Glenn Tryon is the author of a successful book called "The Care Of Babies". Whilst riding an overnight train he receives a telegram from his publishers informing him that due to good sales of the book a second instalment is required from him. When the train stops at a station a desperate woman pushes a baby onto the train through an open window, accompanied with a note asking the finder to look after 'Malcolm' due to her poor circumstances. The author gets lumbered with the kid as the rest of the passengers get increasingly fed up with it crying the whole time.

My favourite bit:
The scene where Glenn Tryon helps himself to a piece of Helen Gilmore's arse!

My opinion:
In the theatres I cannot picture any viewers laughing whilst watching this. Yawning, maybe? It's a pretty basic plot, little imagination, a lead actress that does nothing and although Glenn Tryon does his best the film just plods along with an annoying baby, passengers who over-react and oh, it's just tedious. Helen Gilmore offers the slightest bit of unintentional humour with some of those faces she pulls, but apart from that this one stinks worse than the baby's diaper.

•Copyrighted April 2, 1925.
•At least one other source lists the film with the title "Whose Baby Are You?"
•One of the final scenes is a bit controversial: Glenn Tryon dons an item of clothing on his head which resembles a KKK mask. He then points at the train porter, who is black. This is followed by a group of black men all jumping off the moving train.

Glenn Tryon
Marion Snow, the author
Blanche Mehaffey
The girl
Jackie Hanes
Malcolm, the baby
Al Hallett
Train conductor
Sammy Brooks
Train passenger
Jack Gavin
Train passenger
Dick Gilbert
Train passenger
Helen Gilmore
Train passenger
Jules Mendel
Train passenger
Ed Porter
Train passenger
Floyd Shackelford
Train porter





Acknowledgements & sources:
Jesse Brisson (identification of Floyd Shackelford)

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