Follow The Crowd
Series: Harold Lloyd Distribution: Rolin/Pathé  Director: Alfred J. Goulding Cinematography: ?
Production: L-25 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 07 April 1918 Length: 1-reel


A group of people dressed in black are gathered on the side of the road with one of them holding a "bombski". The bombski is handed to Bebe and she is instructed to take it away. Harold appears coming in the other direction with a black-faced porter carrying his bags and collapsing with exhaustion. Bebe places the bombski on the sidewalk and quickly leaves, but Harold trips over it. After picking it up he is about to throw it when Bebe runs over to stop him, at the same time Harold's bellhop demands payment for his services. Harold hands him the bombski but a fat policeman disarms him and takes him away. Bebe thanks Harold and walks off down the street and enters an ominous looking building after giving the secret knock on the door numbered 1313; Harold follows. A gentleman knocks upon the door next to it (1315) and receives a glass of beer through the open hole. Harold tries his luck and also gets a beer but when he doesn't pay for it the next guy who comes by pays for it with a punch in his nose!
Inside 1313 is the secret headquarters of the 'Red Handers' terrorist gang. Harold wanders in and immediately attracts the wrong attention from the leader (William Blaisdell), who threatens Harold's life but Bebe steps in and saves Harold at the last moment. A hatchet-faced woman (Helen Gilmore) dressed up like a queen enters the room and Harold takes a dislking to her, kicking her dress up every time she walks past him. One of the men pulls out a block of Limburger cheese which absolutely honks the place out! A bearded wizard brings a large crate into the room and several men get out of it. The 'queen' orders them to leave and everybody scrams. A small group of the men remain and attempt to kill off Harold. A series of gags involving a revolving door and a hidden slide inside the wall bring Harold and Snub together in the scene for a few moments. When the police barge into the building, the gang makes a quick escape through the large trunk leaving Harold to face the music.

Favourite bit
A really odd moment in the film during the fighting is when Snub inadvertently comes to Harold's rescue and Harold momentarily thanks him with a handshake before the two become embroiled in their own fight. It's a really weird moment!

Production L-25 - Harold Lloyd series.
Copyrighted June 24, 1918.
Reissued May 7, 1922.
Filming dates
January 24-29, 1918.
What the experts say

Harold Lloyd
Bebe Daniels
The girl
Snub Pollard
Snub, member of the 'Red Handers', terrorist group
William Blaisdell
Head of the 'Red Handers' terrorist group
Sammy Brooks
Short gang member
William Gillespie
Member of the 'Red Handers', terrorist group
Helen Gilmore
The queen
Lew Harvey
Member of the 'Red Handers', terrorist group
Marvin Loback
Fat policeman
James Parrott
Member of 'Red Handers' terrorist group
Charles Stevenson
Porter in blackface/
Member of 'Red Handers' terrorist group/
James Fitzgerald
Tall gang member
Dee Lampton
Member of the 'Red Handers', terrorist group
Gus Leonard
Member of the 'Red Handers', terrorist group
Jane Blyler
[unidentified character]
Billy Fay
[unidentified character]
Max Hamburger
[unidentified character]
Estelle Harrison
[unidentified character]
Oscar Larson
[unidentified character]
Maynard Laswell
[unidentified character]
Hazel Powell
[unidentified character]
Dorothea Wolbert
[unidentified character]
Robert Yost
[unidentified character]


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