Series: Our Gang

Director: Robert F. McGowan
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: Thomas J. Crizer

Stars: Mickey Daniels, Joe Cobb, Mary Kornman, Allen Hoskins, Eugene Jackson, Jackie Condon
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 08 March 1925
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: A-36
Filming dates: October 29 - November 24, 1924
Rating: 4/10

Dog Days

Farina is being pulled along on his tricycle in the middle of a road by Pineapple, whilst his pet dog walks beside him. They arrive at the store on the corner where a lady walking her dog asks Pineapple to look after it whilst she goes inside. Meanwhile, Jackie, Joe and Mickey are playing in their yard with Joe's dog. Back at the store the dog-walking lady comes out to find both Pineapple and Farina asleep. She puts some money in Pineapple's hand as a tip and grabs the lead to walk away, thinking she has her dog but in actual fact its Farina attached to the other end on his tricycle. The woman soon realises her error when she runs into a policeman on the street. Mickey's mother instructs him to feed his baby brother Mortimer when he wakes up and warns Mickey not to leave.
Pineapple comes to the boy's yard after Farina crawls into a bush and asks for their help. Mickey ties the dog up and leaves it with the bottle of milk which is intended for the baby and then leaves with the others. The dog breaks free of its collar and drinks the milk before wandering off to find a cat and sharing the milk with it. Mickey realises when he sees the baby crying and notices the milk is all gone with the cat standiing over the empty bottle. Mickey is quick to blame the dog for not warning him but the dog plays dumb as though it were alseep all the time. Mickey runs into the house and fills up the empty bottle with milk and hands it to the baby but when he looks back he sees the dog has already started drinking from it. Mickey tells the dog before dismissing it.
We are introduced to Mary riding along the street with her horse pulling her in a cart. She stops by a young girl's house and offers her an invitation to her birthday party. But when Mary's horse sees a piece of litter in the road it gets scared and bolts off down the road with Mary in the cart. Mickey, who somehow has managed to witness all of this from a mile away calls upon his dog to redeem himself and go after the runaway horse. The dog gives chase with the boys closely behind. The dog manages to catch up with the horse and cart and jumps onto the back of it to slow it down. Mickey pulls Mary from the cart and she collapses in his arms (whilst copping a feel at the same time!) Mary's father shows up and Mary asks if she can invite the boys and their dog to her party. Damn, she even puts an invite in the dog's mouth!
At the party Mary blows out the candles on her cake as the boys sit around the table trying to immitate her etiquette. As she eats her food they all copy her every movement. Another boy (Johnny Downs) sits next to Mary and talks with her as they all eat until the dog comes around ponsing for food. Mary breaks her table manners by dishing up all of her food on a saucer and placing it on the floor for the dog. Joe excuses himself from the table as Mickey and Mary get friendly until the dog starts scratching his fleas. Suddenly all the kids begin scratching themselves. Joe comes running back to the table and calls the others to join him upstairs where they find his dog with company - and a litter of puppies lying on the bed!

Favourite bit
Mickey copping a feel. With both hands.

Copyrighted March 5, 1925.
The 36th film in the series.
The film is currently in the public domain.
There are different versions of the film in circulation with varying running times and speeds. I used a print from a TCM airing which was the best in terms of picture quality but was only 13 minutes in length which suggests it was from an incomplete version of the film.
Farina calls his dog Corneelius. Joe calls his dog Bill.

My opinion
As far as Our Gang films go it is pretty weak.

Mickey Daniels
Joe Cobb
Mary Kornman
Allen Hoskins
Eugene Jackson
Jackie Condon
Peggy Ahern
Rich kid
Johnny Downs
Rich kid
Olive Borden
Dog walker
William Gillespie
Mary's dad
Lyle Tayo
Mary's mom
Dorothy Vernon
Mickey's mom
Ernest Morrison Sr.
Dorothy Hughes
Rich kid


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