Greek Meets Greek
Series: Vanity Fair Girls Distribution: Pathé  Director: Nicholas T. Barrows  Cinematography: ?
Production: C-7 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 26 December 1920 Length: 1-reel


Eddie Boland is a scholar of Greek philosophy and is in his study when the butler interrupts him with a message. In the next room his sister (Ethel Broadhurst) has her friends over and are making a lot of noise. The professor flips and confronts them all and resorts to mocking them with "you dress like peacocks and dance like turkeys." The sister gathers the girls and proposes to "cure him or wreck him". The six women then begin to devise their plan and dress up in clothing to represent them as Greek slaves and insist the professor has to give up his telephone, electric lights and his flannels so as to make it appear authentic. To add insult to his misery, he wakes up later to find a rock in place of his pillow. The humiliation continues with a Grecian-style breakfast before the professor writes a letter to Socrates (listed below in the intertitles but damned if I can read it!) and gives it to the girls to deliver it. Of course they read it and hire a fellow Greek professor (Bob O'Conor) to come over to the house and pose as "old man Socrates (whoever he was)."
As the girls dance on the lawn, the two men converse, but the newly-hired professor protests that the dance is too modern. He engages with one of the girls and performs the "Pollywog wiggle". Boland takes over but his style of dancing is rubbish - pretty much like the whole film. The new professor sits and tells the other of how old philospohers Ginfizzo and Jazzbo used to gamble and how he sat up all night playing 'coon-can' and rolling the bones". Everybody then starts dancing around on the lawn until the professor falls down. The girls run off, satisfied they have cured him. My god, if you thought this review was hard to read you should try sitting through the film!

Favourite bit
In this awfully dire ten minutes the only thing that interested me was wondering how shapely this actresses breasts were.

Production C-7 - Vanity Fair Girls series.
Copyrighted March 9, 1921.
Also listed for December 12, 1920 - which may be more accurate, given that another film from this series, The Sleepy Head, was released on December 29, 1920.
Filming dates
October 4-23, 1920.
There are six Greek goddesses - known as The Vanity Fair Girls.
What the experts say
"Absolutely one of the most bland, dullest pieces of silent crap I have ever had to sit through. Awful doesn't quite cover it." ~ Lord Heath.

Eddie Boland
Mr Xenophon Socrates O'Brien
Ethel Broadhurst
O'Brien's sister
Harold Adkins
[unidentified character]
Dagmar Dahlgren
Greek goddess
Irene Dale
Greek goddess
Jean Hope
Greek goddess
Dolores Johnson
Greek goddess
Norma Nichols
Greek goddess
Bob O'Conor
Professor de Jardiniere
Lilymae Wilkinson
Greek goddess




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