Collars And Cuffs
Hal Roach/Pathé Exchange
1 reel

Series: Stan Laurel
Released: 01 July 1923
Prod. No. D-7
Filmed: March 14-20, 1923
My rating: 3/10

Director: George Jeske    Producer: Hal Roach    Photography: Frank Young   

Cast: Stan Laurel, Mark Jones, Katherine Grant, Eddie Baker.

Plot summary:
Stan Laurel is an employee who is constantly causing problems for his foreman (Mark Jones) on the ground floor of the laundry factory; whilst upstairs he engages in some underhand tactics in order to win a poker game. The foreman spends his time chasing Laurel around, who manages to accidentally lock poor Owen Evans in a washing machine and cause absolute chaos in the shop. By the time the cops arrive to sort out the mess the whole place - and street is covered in soap suds.

My favourite bit:
Stan Laurel and Mark Jones falling about in the soap suds generated by the washing machine. It's more to do with Mark Jones, and his acrobatics.

My opinion:
It's your usual run-of-the-mill Stan Laurel film with very few laughs and imagination - or even plot! The scenes with the soap suds spewing out all over the floor looks like a lot of fun to have been a part of, but there's really nothing here except an annoying guy running amok, locking fellow workers in washing machines, sneaking away to play poker when the boss isn't looking, and basically just being oblivious to the potential dangers around him. The last couple of minutes of the film when the cops arrive is really the only thing that keeps it alive.

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•Copyrighted May 12, 1923.
•Originally production C-97 (or LC-97).
•The brand of playing cards used in the poker game is 808 Bicycle.
•Patsy O'Byrne plays one of the ladies in the shop. This was her first film for Hal Roach.
•The name of the establishment is the Rough And Wet Laundry.
•Katherine Grant has a brief role as one of the factory workers who keeps tearing the collars which makes Stan Laurel think he is splitting his trousers.

Stan Laurel
Laundry worker
Mark Jones
Katherine Grant
Laundry worker
Eddie Baker
Laundry worker
Jack O'Brien
Card player
Sammy Brooks
Card player
Jack Ackroyd
Owen Evans
Gallagher, laundry worker
Patsy O'Byrne
Laundry worker
George Rowe
Chet Brandenburg





Laurel Or Hardy by Rob Stone (book)
Steve Rydzewski (identification of Patsy O'Byrne, Jack Ackroyd and Owen Evans)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Jack O'Brien and Chet Brandenburg)

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